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Six Most Expensive Concerts That Sold Tickets To Its Fans At Jaw-dropping Prices

In the history of live concerts and music, the prices of some concert tickets were astronomical—enabling fans to experience an unforgettable moment. Check out some concerts and their ticket prices that showcase how fans have broken their banks to watch their favourite artists perform from front-row seats.

Live concerts never fail to offer a thrilling experience to fans or music enthusiasts, allowing them to watch their favourite artists perform live on stage. In recent years, the demand and willingness of fans to pay a hefty price for concert tickets has phenomenally surged. As a result, people have been buying tickets worth record-breaking prices for some of the most sought-after events.

From iconic pop stars to legendary rock bands, some concerts made history with jaw-dropping ticket prices that fans have paid to witness these performers live.

Sob Rock Tour 2022, John Mayer: $500 Per Person

Celebrated for his exceptional guitar skills and soulful voice, John Mayer set out on his iconic Sob Rock Tour (2022)and the ticket prices reached an astronomical $500 per person. The concert attendees were served with an unforgettable experience. The Grammy-winning musician's distinctive blend of rock, pop and blues captivated audiences—and the tour became a widely sought-after concert experience.

Take Me Home Tour, One Direction: $1,000 Per Person

The beloved British boy band, One Directionarrived in style and made their fans go crazy with their 2013 Take Me Home Tour. The average price of the ticket was $460 per person, and the VIP passes were sold for a whopping $1,000 per person. Fans of the popular boy band excitedly flocked to witness the boys perform their chart-topping and smashing music.

Justice World Tour, Justin Bieber: $1,500 Per Person

Justin Bieber, the pop sensation, set out on his most sought-after Justice World Tour, enticing fans from around the world. For the high tier, the average ticket price of the concert was $1,500 per personand the tour highlighted the Canadian pop star’s remarkable evolution as a performer and artist.

Farewell Yellow Brick Road, Elton John: $4,500 Per Person

Elton John ended his extraordinary touring career in 2018, and it was marked by his unforgettable Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour. The tour kickstarter in Pennsylvania’s Allentown, on 8 September 2018and concluded in Sweden’s, Stockholm on 8 July 2023. While the normal tickets were priced at around $1,000, the VIP tickets were sold for $4,500 per person.

M5LV The Residency, Maroon 5: $8,701 Per Person

Maroon 5, the Pop-rock bandshowcased their talent with their M5LV The Residency, in Las Vegas—offering a thrilling concert experience to their fans. The ticket prices were fixed at a shocking $8,701 per person. The infectious energy compelled fans to witness the band perform their chart-topping hits.

Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert, Led Zeppelin: $84,000 Per Person

Led Zeppelin, the Rock legends reunited in 2007 for the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert, which was held in London’s O2 Arena, to pay tribute to the late founder of Atlantic Records. This concert set the record for selling its fans the most expensive tickets in the history of live music. The ticket prices started at an affordable $250, but the most expensive ticket prices went up to an astounding $84,000 per person. The memorable performance displayed Led Zeppelin's long-lasting influence as one of the most iconic rock bands ever.

These expensive concert tickets demonstrate the mind-boggling enthusiasm of the fans for concert experiences who have paid staggering amounts to witness their beloved artists perform live.