Six Most Powerful Magical Artifacts In Harry Potter

There is no denying that in the Wizarding World, objects are bestowed with great powers. Whether evil or good, here are the six most magically potent artefacts in Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is full of magical wonder — devastating spells, mythical beasts, surreal rituals;  these elements add inimitable charm to the magical world of Wizards. Every corner of the Hogwarts Castle emits a mystical aura, showcasing the influence of baffling magic on physical structures. Below are the six most powerful magical artefacts from the Harry Potter franchise.

The Sword of Gryffindor

Apart from wands, the Sword of Gryffindor is the most powerful weapon in the magical world of wizards. The sword is especially fatal against Voldemort and can defy the forces of dark magic. This weapon can absorb any material that intensifies its core strength, like the Basilisk venom, making it effective to destroy Horcruxes.

The Elder Wand

If you are a Potterhead, you sure know the story of The Deathly Hallows. Owning at least one of the three artefacts can give you power over death but only for a while. The master of the Elder wand becomes the most influential Wizard. But the long-blooded history of the wand comes with many perils too, which is why Harry did not keep it to himself.

Ravenclaw Diadem

This gorgeous tiara was cast with dark magic by Tom Riddle to create another Horcrux. Apart from being a Horcrux, the Diadem was the last known relic of Rowena Ravenclaw. Rowena had infused the Diadem with magic to enhance the focus and intelligence of the wearer.

The Resurrection Stone

Gellert Grindelwald believed he could create an Inferi army using the Resurrection Stone. But in reality, the Resurrection stone can temporarily “resurrect” the loved ones of the user in spiritual form only. This power of the Resurrection Stone makes it an extremely valuable magical artefact.

The Cloak of Invisibility

Without a doubt, the cloak of invisibility is one of the most powerful artefacts in the Wizarding World. It can shield anyone from harm, and it further immunizes the wearer from minor hexes, charms, and jinxes.


What can be more powerful than an artefact that can transport you back in time? The time turners used in the series did not allow the users to stay in the past for too long to avoid devastating consequences. But Time-Turners, created by Theodore Knott, enabled the users to stay in the past for as long as they liked.

Ending up in possession of at least one of these magical artefacts can make anyone a very powerful Wizard.


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