Six Must-visit Comic Book Stores In Bangkok, Thailand

From the 1970s onwards, a large number of Thai children have grown up reading Japanese comic books that formed a big part of their pop-cultural upbringing.

The Thai comic book culture has developed steadily over the last few decades, fueled by the mega-success of the country’s annual Comic  Con. The three-day event first launched in 2014, attracted 300,000 attendees that year. While the market continues to expand under the heavy influence of Japanese and Western imports, there are still relatively few specialty shops throughout Thailand, with enthusiasts often relying on small sections of chain bookstores or online shopping to get their fix. But hardline fans are in luck in the City of Light, as more and more comic culture-focused shops are popping up across Bangkok. Check out these six awesome comic book stores that you must visit in Bangkok, Thailand.

Animate Bangkok

This comic book store is operated by Japan Manga Alliance, Co., and it opened in 2016 to lines of hundreds within its MBK venue. The incredibly popular Japanese brand, which aims to mitigate comic piracy and promote Japanese anime culture, offers nearly 30,000 items in its flagship Bangkok store, including Japanese comic books translated into Thai, posters, and model figurines.

Ba Ka Toon

Boasting two local shops withfurther expansion plans, Ba Ka Toon is a must-visit for comic book lovers. The store’s website keeps an up-to-date list of new arrivals for browsing convenience. The brand also has a popular Youtube channel used to conduct discussions and share reviews about various comics that the customers and staff are interested in, with occasional special guests.

DC Marvel Comic Thailand

Offering an alternative to the manga craze that has swept Thailand, this shop specializes in classic Marvel and DC comics. From Superman to X-men, there’s something here to satisfy anyone longing for traditional Western comic books, authenticity guaranteed, all at affordable and good prices.


Ohayo, with its moniker “Say hello to Japan,” specializes in the celebration of all things anime and manga. From books to toys to every accessory in between, this small comic book shop near Bangkok’s Rod Fai Park is like walking into another corner of the Asian continent. You can check out their Facebook page for new arrivals and information on their current stock.

Bee Comics

Bee Comics is a go-to store for many local comic book hunters as it gets new orders in for its collection on a very regular basis. While offering a modest layout at first glance, browsers could spend hours hunting through the reasonably priced products, from labels like Otaku Comics to Siam Inter Comic, Bongkoch, and MK Comic.

Kinokuniya Bookstore

This Japanese-owned book chain is famous for being the largest bookstore in Thailand, and most locals love it. While lacking the charm of independently owned shops, its mega-success as a regional chain means it always has a substantial variety of books in many languages, and also has one of the largest selections of manga comic books in the country, ranging from Thai, English, and also Japanese – and all come with a 100 percent guarantee of authenticity.

If you are a comic junkie, you cannot possibly miss out on visiting these book stores during your stay in Bangkok.

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