Published By: Satavisha

Six Non-negotiable Eye Makeup Tips For Women With Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes: It sure sounds a little mysterious and dark, but we promise you, it is not!

The art of applying eyeshadow correctly should be based on the eye shape. Commonly, most makeup blunders are committed by those who have folded or hooded eyelids. If you have hooded eyes, knowing the best way of doing your eye makeup does not come naturally to you. It is something you need to learn and experiment with. Your goal is to lift your eyes and divert attention from the folded area. Below are some non-negotiable eye makeup tips that every woman with hooded eyes should know and follow.

Trace your eyeliner closer to the upper lash line

The first step involves applying black eyeliner to the upper lash line — closest to the roots. It will help open up your peepers and the lashes will appear fuller. This trick also aids in the placement of your eye shadow.

Curl your lashes and use mascara

This step brings a huge difference! Before the application of eye shadow, curl your eyelashes and apply some mascara. It will help you determine where to apply the eyeshadow.

Blend light to dark shadow colors at an upward angle

Eye shadow palettes provide all the colors one might need to match complementary shades. For the bottom of the eyelids and the inner eye, opt for a brighter luminous color, and the top outer corner, apply a darker color. Carefully blend the colors in an ‘up and out’ movement — avoiding the outer ‘V’ of the eye.

The hood should be lighter

Keep your hood light to compensate for the concealed crease. Use a blending or crease brush to apply a mattifying eyeshadow over the hooded area — the shadow should be two shades darker than your natural skin color — stroke from the outer to the inner corner of your eyes. Apply this shade even in the concealed area of your eyelid — to ensure your lids appear less hooded. If you want to apply darker shadows, only use them on the outer edge of your eyes.

Apply shadow to the bottom lash line

Hooded eyes greatly benefit from a defined lower lash line. Use a mid-tone shadow on the entire lash line — then trace it with a darker shade, from the outer edge to the inner corner.

Apply white eyeliner to create an illusion of bigger eyes

Use a white eyeliner or pencil and trace the bottom of your eyes to enhance the brightness of your peepers. This hack will make your eyes appear bigger.

Follow these techniques to give your peepers the dramatic look they deserve!