Published By: Satavisha

Six Noticeable Signs That Suggest Your Introverted Friend Has Feelings For You

When introverts fall in love and want to express it, they don’t shout out from rooftops—but they leave subtle signs.

Introverts don’t make grand gestures of lovethey are not forthright—as a result—you may have to wonder if they like you platonically or romantically.

They are never direct and expressive. So, when an introvert falls for someone, expressing their feelings can get challenging and tricky. They usually employ non-verbal techniques to confess love without telling them directly.

Dating an introvert may not always be easythat’s for sure!

But if you still want to take a chance and better understand their subtle gestures, you must pay closer attention to their words and actions. To help you better comprehend your shy admirer's feelings, we have six noticeable signs that indicate your introverted friend has feelings for you that go way beyond platonic fondness. Keep reading to navigate their subtle gestures of love.

Despite liking solitude, they carve out time for you

Typically, introverts love their alone time, but if they are willing to carve out time from their schedule to be with you, it is a big deal! It implies they enjoy being with youand they likely have feelings for you. It is their subtle way of expressing, “You matter to me, and I want to spend more time with you, even if it calls for going out of my comfort zone.” So, if your introverted friend constantly makes plans to meet you, it might suggest that they have romantic feelings for you.

They share their inner thoughts and hopes with you.

Introverts are generally private people — they rarely disclose things that are close to their hearts. Their passions and interests are best-kept secrets that they only reveal to their well-trusted confidants or loved ones who “get” them.

So, if your introverted friend is talking about their dreams and inner thoughts with you, they must have carefully assessed all the pros and cons—and realized they trust you.

If they didn’t like you a lot, they would have likely not disclosed that information to you. Since they value you and the relationship they have with you, they consciously expose the deeper aspects of their lives to you.

Thoughtful, little gestures of love become more frequent.

When introverts are in love, you may notice that their thoughtful little gestures of love are gradually escalating. It could be something as small as getting you a meaningful gift or remembering your favorite color or food. Introverts are brilliant at expressing their truest emotions through such subtle gestures because they find it easier than being outright and confessing their love.

They may gently touch your arm or hand while talking

We all know that introverts love their personal space even when they are in the company of other people. They usually feel awkward and uncomfortable in the presence of too many people. They rarely invite others to occupy their bubble—or their safe space—which they are in control of.

So, when an introvert is physically close to you or gently touches your arm or hands, it is a big step for them—they typically reserve such physical contact with their closest friends and family. If you see them eliminating that gapthey certainly hold you in special regard.

By initiating physical contact, your introverted friend is sending a powerful message: They are granting you access to their safe space—and it signifies their desire to establish a deeper bond.

They will text you to let you know they are thinking about you even when they are with other people.

Most introverts prefer using a controlled written medium to express their feelings. They write long text messages, emails or letters to convey their thoughts. Through writing, they can unhesitatingly unravel their feelings—whether they pen down all their complex thoughts running in their head, wish you luck before an eventful day or share a funny story—their written messages mean one thing—they are really into you.

They make intense eye contact.

If an introvert is making intense eye contact with you, it indicates a significant shift. For them, prolonged eye contact with someone is an intimate act. So, if you catch your introverted friend gazing intensely into your eyes, they surely have feelings for you and want to establish a deep connection.

Note that introverts have an incredible ability to sweep people off their feet without even having to verbally express their feelings. All you have to do is pay attention and recognize what they are trying to communicate through subtle gestures.