Published By: Satavisha

Six Nursery-Safe Plants That You Can Keep In Your Newborn’s Room: Explore Their Benefits

If you like adorning your space with indoor plants, you may have wondered if they are safe for your infant’s nursery, too. The answer is—it depends on what plant you want to get.

If you are a plant-loving parent who loves a little indoor greenery—you might have, at some point—wondered if you can decorate your infant’s nursery with plants. While it is a brilliant way of decorating your newborn’s space, at the same time, you need to be mindful of what you are bringing into their vicinity.

Not all houseplants are safe—some are toxic. However, you can add plants that offer an abundance of benefits—from cleansing the air to minimising stress. In addition, some plant varieties can even promote better sleep in your baby—and that is—a blessing in disguise for every new parent. We have listed some nursery-safe greens that can elevate the aesthetic of your little one’s rooms while promoting incredible benefits.

Parlor Palm

This houseplant grows upright and exudes a tropical vibe. The layered foliage of the plant and its fullness are ideal for occupying a large space—such as—an empty corner or an open wall. Parlour Palms are best known for purifying air and can thrive in low light—however, they still prefer bright light—as most palm varieties do. Therefore, you can place them by your infant’s window and even in a dimly lit corner.

Money Plant

As suggested in Feng Shui, money plants attract good luck and positivity to their owner, which are—undeniably—two essential things you would want for your little one. With its stunning bright green leaves and braided stem, it resembles a palm and also a tree. Money plants are non-poisonous, and are therefore pet-friendly—and are known for eliminating toxins from the air.

Snake Plant

Don't let its terrifying name scare you—snake plants are one of the most low-maintenance houseplants and can be cared for easily. Therefore, these green babies should be an ideal pick for your newborn’s nursery.

It is drought tolerant—meaning—you have to water it only when it has lost all moisture—and can flourish even in scanty sunlight. Furthermore, snake plants can cleanse the surrounding air by releasing oxygen at night. You can place this gorgeous green baby on an elevated planter—in a tight spot or a corner.

Baby Rubber Plant

The baby rubber plant is a useful houseplant and can be a wonderful addition to your infant’s nursery, especially if the room has fewer windows because the plant can thrive even in the absence of natural light. But if the plant receives even scanty sunlight, it will bear pretty blooms during spring, adding a splash of colour to your newborn’s space. These baby-safe plants also produce oxygen—thereby improving the quality of air in the nursery.

Bird's Nest Fern

If you have recently welcomed a newborn and also a fur baby, look no further than Bird’s Nest fern—it is safe for both your pet and your child. Apart from that, this green baby is brilliant at eliminating harmful chemicals and cleansing the air.

You can place this plant near a window that receives the late afternoon or morning sun—or any other spot that receives moderate sunlight. At the same time, avoid overly warm and very bright windows because too much exposure to heat and light will wither its leaves or turn them yellow.


If you are looking for a big plant that purifies air for your little one’s nursery, get a Dracaena. The plant’s jungle aesthetic exudes an exotic vibe and can induce excitement in your baby’s heart. Even though Dracaena is safe for children, it is toxic for fur babies, so avoid it if you have pets at home or are planning to get one.

For expectant parents, decorating the nursery is undeniably one of the most joyful activities. And if you want your little one to grow in the company of some indoor greenery, these houseplants are your best bet.