Published By: Gurpreet Kaur

Six powerful statement outfit tips to dress up like a ‘Boss Lady’

Let’s take a look at what’s worth investing if you truly want to adapt to power dressing at work.

There’s no denying that women rule the world. But every now and then, women need to go that extra mile to be taken seriously. Well, power dressing certainly aids that, and a modern woman can convey authority and competence at work just by dressing up right. As they say, one’s style of dressing should be in tune with one’s attitude.

However, there are several times when a woman doesn’t get her shopping done right despite spending a lot of time and money. So, let’s take a look at what’s worth investing if you truly want to dress up like a #BossLady:

  1. Decide on a go-to colour palette. 

Blue, grey and black are colours that look good on almost all women, and you can incorporate all these shades in denims, shirts, blazers and other garments meticulously.

  1. Have a statement outfit

Pick an outfit that makes you feel confident and comfortable for a 10+ hour workday and stick to it during most of the days. For instance, a knit dress, a statement blouse and a skirt or jeans with a cool top and jacket.

  1. Don’t mess with your accessories and shoes

Always and always pay special attention to how you accessorize your outfit. Make sure your jewellery, shoes and bag are perfect. Well, who does like a boss who comes wearing flip-flops to work?

  1. Invest in one great blazer/coat

A coat or a blazer paired with any outfit makes you look professional. It can last for years and well, totally worth investing in.

  1. Focus on your upper half dressing more 

Mostly when you attend meetings around tables, the other person sees you seated, and that look should be a priority. Don’t wear outfits that are tugging or pulling, showing too much skin or look unprofessional. Make sure you look your best when seated with other employees around.

  1. Keep things tidy 

No matter how early you will have to reach office, don’t end up wearing untidy clothes. Make sure to dress up in clothes that do not need ironing or wear something else. Always remember that no matter how expensive clothes you wear, if they look messy, they won’t give a very nice impression and will reflect on how you are perceived by your colleagues and peers.

That’s it! Some easy tips, right? Follow these and make that lasting impact on everyone!