Six reasons why learning a musical instrument is important for your child

1.Increase in the IQ

Learning a musical instrument and taking music lesson increases your child IQ. It is said that Einstein started playing the violin at the age of 6 and was quite proficient while he went to high school. We don’t need to emphasis the mental prowess of Einstein. Studies show an increase in brain activity while learning music and even helps some parts of the brain to grow exponentially.

  1. Helps them understand Math better

For those children who struggle with math, let them take music lessons. Music helps the child to understand it as math and music are very similar. Children readily learn the concept of fractions, ratios while they start learning more about the rhythm.

  1. They help in building confidence

It helps in building their confidence and self-esteem. When they work towards perfecting their art, it develops their confidence. Also, when they perform for their recitals, it helps to overcome stage fright.

  1. Improves social skills

Music lessons have a profound effect on the social skills development of children. Learning to play in a group or a band teaches them the art of teamwork and how to relate to others thoughts and feelings.

  1. Teaches them discipline and patience

Learning a musical instrument is a continuous process. Children must devote a lot of time in practice until they achieve proficiency. The process itself teaches them to be disciplined and patiently persevere to reach their goal.

  1. It is a great stress reliever

It is no brainer that music is the ultimate stress burner for all the ages. This has a special significance to kids who face many academic and peer pressures later in their life. Many times, children are unable to cope with such stressful situations. Music proves to be a wonderful escape and helps them deal with stress efficiently.

Apart from these, music lessons help in muscle and motor skill development, helps children understand their culture, increases their creativity as well as emotional development, and the list goes on. And as it famously said that music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

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