Published By: Satavisha

Six Shade-loving Plants That Are Perfect For Indoor Gardening

Sun-loving greens grab all the attention, but shade-loving plants can also beautify your indoor garden. 

The area you choose to grow your plant should always rely on its adaptability requirements and qualities. Shade-loving plants cannot thrive or grow well when placed in scorching sunlight; they will wither and perish in a couple of days if not taken care of properly. If you are planning to decorate your indoor garden, these shade-loving plants are what you need!

Areca Palm

Areca palms require special protection against the afternoon’s scorching sun. Exposure to too much sunlight can hamper this plant’s well-being. When this foliage is placed outdoors, make sure it receives filtered sunlight. If you place these plants indoors, position them toward a west or south-facing window for indirect sunlight.

Solomon’s seal

This rarely-known perennial plant looks stunning! It features long arched stems and grows little dancing bells from April to May. It can grow up to two feet tall.


Syngonium plants are excellent for indoor gardens as they require a bright location and thrive well when placed in full to semi-shade conditions. These plants do not get bothered by low light conditions for long hours.


Kalanchoes are low-maintenance plants, and they need scanty water and sunlight to thrive and grow. After you see a kalanchoe, you will instantly fall for its bright-colored blooms and odd-shaped leaves. If you want this plant to grow rapidly, add fertilizer to the soil, and during the blooming season, remember to pluck the flowers.

Spider Plants

This foliage is best known for being an easy-to-maintain full-shade indoor plant, and it can adapt to a variety of climates and weather conditions. Spider plants are named after the little spiderettes that hang from the plant, and they resemble spiders on their webs. If you are not a skilled gardener and are looking for a plant that is low maintenance, this shade plant is what you need to get ASAP! Spider plants are tough and can survive weather conditions.

Wandering Jew

If you want to bring home an aesthetically pleasing indoor shade plant, look no further than the wandering Jew. This plant features beautiful leaves in stunning colors like green, silver, and purple. Wandering Jews are ideal for indoor gardens, and you can grow them in hanging baskets, with their leaves hanging over the sides.

 Hurry up and get these shade-loving greens to decorate your indoor garden!