Six Signs Showing that you are an Old Soul

If you have experienced deep insight and enlightenment in yourself or someone you know, then this story is for you.

If you hear someone saying, “Oh, she is an old soul.” It seems strange and weird at first, but consider it as a compliment. The term ‘old soul’ originates from an English nursery rhyme composed in 1708 which says “Ole King Cole Was a merry aulde soul“. The phrase is used to highlight the maturity and deep wisdom in someone too young for such knowledge.

It is not possible to peep into someone’s soul to ascertain its age. But there are some signs which signify that you are wise beyond your age.

  1. You seek solitude to be with yourself: It is because the banal existence of the mundane world doesn’t interests you. You do not feel connected with people of your age group because their interests are deeply dissatisfying to you. It has been your lifelong struggle to connect with someone at a deeper level, and there aren’t much people like that around you.
  2. You are spiritually evolved:  Blame it on your sensitivity and empathy, but you aren’t excited by the material gains of the world. Instead, you spend a lot of time thinking about your consciousness and seeking enlightenment of the soul.
  3. Life is a journey, not destination: You are always aware of the futility of the worldly pursuits, and that mortality is the ultimate truth which is often overlooked by others. Therefore your life goals are entirely different from others, and you tend to use your time very wisely.
  4. You have experienced existential angst: It is not uncommon for the old souls to introspect and to find answers to the hard-hitting questions. You tend you see through the farce and lies of the world where you often get intertwined in the web of falsities. Your aim has always been to look for a meaningful existence in the journey to find the truth.
  5. You face anxiousness:  Because you tend to overthink a lot, and you feel uncomfortable in a social group. Although there isn’t a dearth of confidence in you but societal boundaries, politeness, small talk, egos and etiquettes become too tiring for you. Therefore you often bear the tag of an eccentric. However, you are also capable of carrying lifelong associations with like-minded people and experience comfort in their company.
  6. Yearning for Simplicity: No matter how complex you look from outside, but you long for simplicity and modesty deep inside of you. You are drawn towards minimalism because that is the essence of your heart. Therefore, you abhor ostentatiousness in any form.

So, if you think you are an old soul, try to reflect on the positivity in your life, and you shall experience peace and satisfaction in your life.

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