Six Signs Showing You are a Closet Introvert

If you think you fall in the league of being a secret introvert, you could find it out through some signs in this story.

Introverts are generally projected as the shy ones who are socially awkward, loners and sad people. While many of them might exhibit the above classic signs that are not difficult to locate, a majority of introverts are hard to find because they are unaware of their proper disposition. So they keep on leading two-faced life, and the world considers their spurious face as real.

It is because introverts are not always shy or difficult. They could be happy and bright too. Given below are some traits which could be a revelation to you. It might help you to recognize your real personality and allowing you to determine the right coping mechanisms to deal with your anxiety.

  1. You avoid taking phone calls:  While long calls from your close friends and family make you peaceful, but you don’t want to be available to everyone at all times. It’s akin to getting caught unarmored from behind the door. That is why you have to cook up an excuse for not taking calls.
  2. You are more expressive in writing: Because you could communicate better with a pen. Many people take up creative writing to express themselves.
  3. You hate small talk: you might be an excellent public speaker or performer, but interacting with the public after your show makes you extremely uncomfortable.
  4. You prefer to work independently than working for someone: Blame it on your nature to avoid surveillance or someone always hovering over you, you would much rather work without such restrictions.
  5. You could go to crowded spaces unobtrusively:  Because you like to get lost in a crowd rather than interacting with people around you.
  6. You need to recharge yourself by getting away from people: If you are into a profession where you need to communicate with different people regularly, you are likely to enjoy your weekend spending time in staying at home and recharge yourself for the next week. You like to spend your holidays and vacations in peaceful sojourns or solitude.
  7. You have no problems in being unproductive at times: Because it gives you time to catch up on your philosophical contemplations, deep thoughts and random ideas. It might look like a total time wastage to the world, but such times heal you and put balm on your worries.

The underlying idea is to make peace with yourself if you are a closet introvert. And it would be easier for you to locate the cause of your anxiety and to find a tangible solution to your problems.

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