Six Steps to Reduce Screentime

The little changes you make to cut off the toxic influence of screens on every waking moment of life


By not fidgeting with the gadgets, you cut down on the unhealthy reliance on screen unconditionally fostered over the years


Phone Call over Text: Beating the quarantine blues tends to get depressive without connecting with people we love! Phone calls might be initially intimidating for introverts yet quite instrumental in weakening the imposition of screens in your life.


Limit Casual Scrolling: Setting a timer to narrow down screentime may sound like a crazy idea to adults, but it will prove pretty effective to addicts whose days revolve around networking, social media, online games and window shopping. You may crave to unwind after a tiring day by unlocking the smartphone screen but with a timer that would go off when the scheduled time exceeds.


Find a Non-Screen Time Hobby: Often the overwhelming compulsion towards staring at the screen while having a meal or trying to fall asleep culminate in a total disappearance of offline hobbies. What seems like mini breaks, gigantically expand and block out the existence of any activity that does not revolve around gadgets. The best way to combat screen addiction is to patiently invest in a hobby and stick to it. Having a hobby will slowly lessen your desire to casually while away free time on screen(s). Schedule your day in a way that minimises browsing and focuses on practicing art and craft.


Limit Online Socialising: Interaction that is strictly pivoted around gadgets is bound to keep you hooked to screens, in fact, multiple of them. The resolution to limit face-to-face interaction and instead switch to offline conversation or social outings should be encouraged by all the family members. Try opting for digital detox by substituting online conversation with indulging projects like volunteering, cooking, gardening or social outings.


Unplug Bedroom Wires: If your bedroom is congested with smart gadgets, it automatically meddles with your personal life by constantly distracting you with notifications and popups. The trick to calculate the total amount of time you are spending on a gadget screen is by accumulating the devices in one central place—preferably the living room. Put devices out of your sight to reduce the desire to constantly check or stay tuned to them. 


Stay Physically Active: Moving around takes your mind off laptop, TV and smartphone screens and lets you to an alternate universe free of wire spaghettis or the blue light that radiates from screens.

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