Six Stunning Hair Colors Every Dusky Woman Should Try

While there are no limitations to what colors you can apply to your hair, this style guide will assist you to get the best out of your new hair color!

Searching for the perfect hair color inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest is easy. But what do you do when it is time to choose the best color for your tresses? Finding the right color requires a lot of consideration — the natural texture and color of your hair, skin complexion, and its undertone — to put aside one color that checks all the boxes. Here are six stunning hair colors that every dusky woman should try at least once.


Burgundy looks brilliant on dusky skin. The subtle purple-ish pigment in this color helps shatter the dullness of the typical brown shade, offering a glamorous and chic appearance.

Sultry Red

This color could startle you all a bit, but bright red hair looks incredible on dusky skin. However, it is essential for a dusky woman to pick the perfect shade of red to ensure it is pigmented enough to be visible on your natural dark hair. It is best to opt for a dark shade to beautifully complement your skin.


Go for a stunning shade of caramel to achieve a gorgeous look. It is the best substitute for other shades of dark brown. You may try caramel highlights if you do not want to use this color to dye your entire hair. Nonetheless, this toffee-colored shade is a match made in heaven for dusky skin tones.

Chocolate Brown

This classic hair color is very rich and looks amazing on every skin tone. But chocolate brown hair particularly suits people with a dusky complexion. The lighter shade will help illuminate your skin tone and offer you an oh-so-incredible look.

Midnight Blue

Beauties with dusky skin, please hear us out, and do not shy away from stunning shades of blue anymore. Who knows, the tempting midnight blue could become your go-to hair color for life. This shade wins hearts for its subtlety. Hurry up and try the night sky’s alluring dark colors.

Peachy Pink

This color is not meant for individuals with a faint heart. This fashion-forward color induces nostalgia in every woman who loved playing with pink-haired Barbie as a kid. So, without further ado, dye your hair peachy pink to get that head-turning makeover.

Try these bold hair colors and achieve a radical makeover.

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