Six Superman Facts That Will Startle You

Superman has stood as the most iconic comic book superhero for decades and is recognized as the living embodiment of justice, morality, and truth.

Hailing from the planet of Krypton, he is considered by many as the father of all superheroes. Clark Kent is the shining light in DC’s often dark universe. Let us have a look at the Man of Steel’s expansive history to better learn about the facts that will startle you.

Deity of the DC Universe

In the DC Universe, Superman is perceived as a deity and that is not an exaggeration. The powers of Superman extend beyond the conventionally recognized set of strength, flight, and supervision to include galaxy-destroying power, sub-atomic vision, and much more. He is the most powerful fictional character of all time.

The Boy Scout of DC

Even though Barry Allan’s Flash might live a bit more to the nickname of “Boy Scout”, it is usually applied to Superman. The entire comic existence of Clark Kent has shown him as a hero who goes way out of his way to help and serve the citizens of the world.

The City of Metropolis is styled after Fritz Lang’s Metropolis

Few people know that the architecture of Metropolis was inspired by Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. This vibrant and futuristic city of Clark is in many ways like Lang’s city, not just in terms of the art deco architecture but also the social status depicted in the film.

Genius Lex Luthor is Superman’s arch-enemy

What is a superhero without an arch-nemesis? Superman is gifted with the greatest array of physical powers in all of DC, but when it comes to his genius mind, it is not on par with that of Lex Luthor. Superman is not the best logical thinker or tactician. This enables Lex to rise as the master manipulator and genius diabolic villain.

Superman worked for General Zod

General Zod is certainly the most iconic Superman villains right after Lex. He can parallel the Man of Steel in all physical levels. Zod was released from the Phantom Zone against his wishes to help Superman rebuild the Kryptonian military guild. To keep an eye on Zod, Superman drafted himself into the newly-formed army, directly under the command of General Dru-Zod.

Superman was originally conceived as a villain

Joe Shuster and Jerry Siegel, the creators of Superman had an idea for the hero in 1933, while they were still in high school. This concept was pivoted around Bill Dunn, a homeless man who is down on his luck. Dunn’s luck alters when Ernest Smalley, a chemist offers him a meal and a suit to act as a guinea pig in an experiment. Dunn drinks the potion and immediately acquires telepathic abilities, but is soon consumed by delusions of grandeur and begins a reign of terror under the guise of Superman. However, both the creators later decided to recreate the character as a hero.

Did these Superman facts startle you?

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