Six Thai Traditional Outfits That Portray Fashion And Culture


Thailand is a dreamy coastal paradise that has managed to retain its cultural integrity, despite being a prominent tourist destination in the world.

A country undergoes social, political, and economic changes, but what does not come to mind in the first place is the gradual change that occurs in the country’s traditional attire owing to the aforementioned factors.  Let us walk through some of the Thai traditional dresses that portray culture and fashion at the same time.


Chutthai is the traditional wear for women in Thailand, that has undergone several variations over the centuries. The word Chutthai literally means “Thai outfit”. This modest dress is usually found in bright colors, with delicate designs, and different ethnic groups use varying intricate patterns and fabrics. Chutthai is normally worn during auspicious occasions, like wedding ceremonies and religious festivals.

Ruean ton

Ruean Ton is a very casual and straightforward attire for Thai women.  It is the simplest garment of all women’s dresses in Thailand, consisting of a tube skirt worn with a colorless blouse with buttons in the front and sleeves up to the elbow and tucked into the skirt. The skirt may be embroidered or plain. Ruean ton is usually worn during informal functions.


For men in Thailand, Sueaphraratchathan is the traditional attire. This is a button-down shirt, with an extended collar, long sleeves, and a sash for formal and special occasions. A large rectangular piece of fabric called Pakama is often worn by the men, wrapping around the waist. The shirt closely resembles the style of the Nehru jacket.


Chakkri is one of the most commonly worn Thai traditional garments. This formal elegant attire consists of a long pencil skirt with two pleats in the front. Sabai, the upper garment, wraps around the upper body and trails to the feet and a silk-made top is worn underneath it.


Siwalai is a one-piece garment sewn by stitching two pieces together and is mainly worn during formal events. It has a long pencil skirt with pleats in the front, styled with a button-up blouse with sleeves up to the elbow. A Sabai completes the look adding elegance to the attire.


Boromphiman is an evening outfit for women, suitable for formal and semi-formal events. This dress has a skirt sewn together with a blouse, much like the Siwalai. The shirt traditionally has long sleeves, round neck and is tucked beneath the sarong. This traditional dress looks stunning for its brocaded fabric, which adds a luxurious style.

Thailand has a treasure trove of traditional outfits to pick from, and it is incredible how modern fashion has blended with Thai ethnic wear.

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