Six Things to do Before Flagging off Etsy Shop

Before decking your online emporium, tick off the essentials that will help you tread right

Here is how to get started on Etsy.

Find your Niche: Since you are selling at a globally renowned, vast marketplace you might as well figure out your merchandise—something distinct and easily identifiable from the crowd. Affirm its saleability and capacity to churn monetary profits in the long run. Zeroing in on your niche also sets a unique launch plan and stirs some zing around the store. At this juncture, it is imperative that you clearly distinguish yourself from competitors and write the DNA of your e-commerce venture.

Invest in Branding: Pre and post-launch are crucial for branding, customised to suit the hype that a newly arrived online store creates amongst buyers. Along with the clichés that branding involves, make sure to personally conduct ground research about the focus and positioning statement that the product deserves. Navigate the keywords that would suit the product to stumble upon a distinct and striking business name.

Set The Price: The most practical way of pricing the product is by scanning the market and the price your peers have labelled on similar products. Including relevant keywords that a buyer might use when searching can help you attain a genuine overview. It will help in determining if you are over-pricing or underselling.

Pre-Sample the Product: To experiment and rectify, improve and improvise, think about pre-ordering a few samples and circulating them among friends and family for their honest feedback. Be it the quality, quantity, texture or other elements that create the physical appeal, you will receive a comprehensive review to eliminate the product’s flaws and add to its uniqueness. How far is the product relevant? What are its most distinguishable features? Constructive feedback on these areas will help you perfect the product and edge over competitors.

Maintain Aesthetics and Visibility: Why aesthetics? Generating decent visuals and content to pair with the product is a professional way of introducing your brand and insinuate trust within the buyers. Advertising content that is hazy, shoddy or hurriedly put together can impact brand value. It can also dissuade buyers from trying the merchandise even though they are influential to amplify the buzz.

Social Media Branding: Read through the reviews buyers have posted on the products sold by your competitors. Assort the flaws and praises these products have received. Make a note of what customers are demanding or criticising to chalk promotional messages, offers, snackable advertising content to have your store reach the zenith of popularity.

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