Six top K-dramas which are most loved worldwide

Are you a fan of intrigue, heartwarming, stories with a lot of twist and turns? Congrats, you can be a potential K-drama lover. Here is how we can help you with that.

With the popularity of K-Pop, South Korea’s entertainment industry came into limelight. Thanks to the subtitles and sites like Netflix, anyone can enjoy the fantastic K-dramas. These dramas have a universal appeal with genres ranging from fantasy, time travel, romance, horror, rom-com, family dynamics. If you are a novice, then hop in and let us take you through some dramas which are loved worldwide and are binge-worthy.

  1. Boys over Flower
This K-drama acts like quicksand, and you can’t stop binging on more. It is a coming of age story of a group of rich heirs F1 and a commoner Geum Jan Di. You can’t help fall in love with eccentric Goo Jun Pyo and sensitive and caring Yoon Ji hoo.
  1. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God
One of the most critically acclaimed series which made waves worldwide, Guardian or Goblin is a spectacular show. A timeless tale of a warrior who is cursed to live forever unless his true love set him free.
  1. Crash Landing on you
The tale of a love that transcends the barriers of hate and prejudices, Crash landing on you leaves you spellbound. When a South Korean Yoon Seri accidentally finds herself in North Korea, where she falls in love with Captain Ri Jeong-Hyeok. Will love triumph the animosity between the two countries? Watch and find out for yourself.
  1. Reply 1988
The third instalment in Reply series, this nostalgic drama will take you back in time. The theme of friendship, family and love makes it an unforgettable masterpiece. Reply 1988, stirs the nostalgia of the 80s and you completely relate to it even though you are not from South Korea.
  1. Descendants of the Sun
This series made everyone die-hard fan of Song Joon-ki and Song Hye-Kyo. A tale of heroism and love between a soldier and a doctor. This international blockbuster is translated into 30 languages—another reason to watch it now.
  1. She was Pretty
A former miss popular in school, due to some turn of events is a loser and Mr Loser is now Prince Charming. Sounds interesting? You will fall in love with this one. Watch out for Choi Siwon adorable role ever!

So, now we have you sorted for the weekend. Grab some popcorn and go for K-drama marathon.