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Six Transformational Makeup Contouring Trends That Can Make You Look Fab From Drab

While doing your makeup, it is essential to redefine the structure of your facial features by employing contouring techniques. But with so many different contouring techniques out there, how to determine which would suit you best?

It takes a long time to learn, practice, and master the contouring technique, but people all around the world are going crazy for this makeup trend. There are different techniques for doing makeup contours. We are here to tell you about some transformational contouring styles to glam up your look.

Clown contouring

The Clown contour technique requires mapping out the face like a clown to get a flawless makeup look. This contouring style uses different shades of makeup to correct what you may consider as your facial flaws. The clown contouring technique had been introduced to mock haters, but it soon gained momentum as a makeup trend.

Classic contouring

It is the basic style of contouring, and you may have seen makeup artists on YouTube doing it all the time to make their faces appear slimmer. Classic contouring involves mixing light and dark shades of makeup on the face to create an illusion that will make your facial features, like the jawline, cheekbones, and nose seem sharper.


Tantouring refers to the every day and simplified version of contouring. While contouring involves the use of makeup every time you want to achieve a contoured face, tantouring on the other hand, does not call for frequent application. Tantouring is done using a self-tanner to redefine the nose and cheekbones. With this technique, you can go without makeup for 6 to 7 days.


For contouring, different shades of makeup are used to achieve a defined look, but in strobing only illuminators and highlighters are used to illuminate only the high points where the light hits naturally, such as the bridge of the nose, cheekbones, and temple. Strobing offers a healthy and natural-looking glow to the face.


In the baking technique, you have to allow a thick layer of translucent powder to sit for about 10 minutes after the application of your foundation-concealer routine. The powder will work with the natural heat of your skin and melt into your face with the concealer, filling all the creases and thereby offering a flawless makeup look.

Henna Contouring

This technique is not something that can be done easily because it involves drawing intricate henna patterns on the face for contouring. But you don’t need actual henna (obviously!). Concealers and foundations are used to get the desired look.

Fortunately, there is a makeup contouring technique for everyone.