Published By: Satavisha

Six Trending Nail Shapes That Are Stealing Hearts

If you panic and your heart starts racing every time you visit a nail salon, and the nail technician asks how you would like to get your nails filed, follow this guide to find out what's trending.

You probably love your classic nails (square and almond), but there are plenty of choices to play around with sharpness, width, and length, for a stylish new look. So if you are tired of trying the classic and want to retire from your same old blah manicure, opt for something fresh and more exciting. Keep reading to find your new go-to nail shape.

Oval Nail Shape

Oval nails are considerably longer than the natural shape of our nails, and it features curved edges. This simple yet stylish shape can make your fingers look more slender, elongated, and proportionate. This sophisticated nail shape is not very flashy and complements various designs for nail art.

Square Stiletto Nails

Square Stiletto nails are slightly more slender than coffin nails. It features tapered and long sides, and the edges are square-shaped. The very long length is ideal for people who like bold nails, and the shape is so versatile that you can create any nail art or apply a combination of two or more nail paints on them.

Arrowhead Nails

The arrowhead shape is much like stiletto nails but less intense. It features pointy, sharp tips, but the sides are more tangled than stiletto nails. Arrowhead claws are best for those who are not fond of the super-long style or want a more practical shape.

Square Nail Shape

These nails are boxy and perennially trendy. These long nails feature two angled edges that create the illusion of a nail shape that looks square-ish. Square nails are ideal for creating nail art designs and can make your nails look bold and edgy.

Squoval Nail Shape

Squoval nails are the union between oval and square-shaped nails—hence, they are named squoval. It features longer nails with rounded edges, and they still create a shape that resembles a square. This nail shape is perfect for folks who like experimenting with different varieties of square nails that are not too flashy.

Lipstick Nail Shape

Lipstick nails stand out for their sharp and slanted tips, making them ideal for styling a dual-tone manicure. This distinctive nail features an angle that resembles a tube of lipstick. The diagonal slant creates a brilliant nail shape and can be styled on any nail length.

Time to upgrade your main game with these uber-fancy nail shapes.