Six Types Of Morning People And Which One Are You?

Every person functions differently in the morning.

Bright sunny mornings make the sound of the alarm clock going off slightly easier to bear, but what type of a waker are you? From coffee addicts to snoozers, new opportunities come up with the start of every new day, and how one responds to this early morning call is thought of. Here are six distinct types of morning people, read on to find out which one is you?

The early bird

We are all familiar with this type of people, aren’t we? The early bird is up as soon as the alarm goes off, and usually, the sound of their alarm wakes up everyone around them too. Sometimes you may also find them waking up even before their alarm goes off. By the time everyone else is rolling out of their bed at 8 AM, the early birds have already completed their morning routine that might include going for a walk, doing yoga, and having breakfast.

The snoozers

The snoozer lives their life on the edge and the snooze button is as familiar to them as their own family and is perhaps closer to their heart. These stubborn sleep lovers who hate to roll out of bed are often seen arriving at school and work late and happens to have mastered the art of two minutes’ shower and downing their breakfast in record time.

The grumpy folks

The grumpy folks are not morning people and it is advised to not approach them just after they have woken up. The alarm clock is their mortal foe and there is nothing they would love more than snuggling deep into their duvets and nap.

The coffee or tea addicts

Do not try talking to these people before they have had their morning charge, or you’ll be exposing yourself to risk. These people do not function well until they have sipped on their morning dose of coffee or tea, after which they are all set to take on the world.

The nooner

These people are dead to the world until noon. You’ll never find them awake before your lunchtime.

The living dead

They are also known as the walking dead. These people are early risers on the outside but are nooners on the inside. All information passed to them during the early hours does not get registered in their head.

So which type do you identify with, or would you rather not confess?

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