Skin Care Secrets Royals All Over The World Swear By

Royals worldwide are famous for their flawless skin on and off the screen. Here are some secrets to how they maintain gorgeous skin every day.

Those who hear the phrase “beauty secrets” often turn their heads; this article is for you. After all, who wouldn’t want to discover the key to flawless, radiant skin? So what royal beauty routines do you want to know? Because these are the ones who walk out in public with perfect skin that hardly requires makeup. If you’ve ever wondered how the royal family seems so fresh-faced and radiant despite all their hectic schedules, well, now you will know! Learn them all by reading on!

Kate Middleton 

In the weeks following her royal wedding, Kate Middleton got a bee venom facial from famous English beautician Deborah Mitchell. Of course, we wouldn’t want to risk looking like that on our marriage day, but the pictures speak for themselves: she looked beautiful. Essential oils, which are rich in nutrients and have healing effects, are another skincare staple she recommends. She always has a stash of skin-reviving oils in her bag after washing her face.

Grace Kelly

Due to her meticulous skincare routine, the Princess of Monaco has matured gracefully. Peter Lamas, a specialist in cosmetics, recalls that Kelly never left home without a tube of hand lotion. She advised taking care of your hands to prevent the earliest visible indications of aging.

Charlotte Casiraghi

The granddaughter of Grace Kelly insists on keeping her beauty routine and skin care routine as simple and straightforward as possible. Even when gone for business, the Princess washes her face before going to bed. She relies on all-natural, chemical-free cosmetics to keep her skin clean and hydrated.

Rania al-Yassin

It’s common knowledge that Queen Rania of Jordan has impeccable taste in clothing and personal hygiene. She’s beautiful on the outside, but her inner beauty and commitment really set her apart. Because of this, the Princess told Oprah that preventing the aging process isn’t a top priority. Instead, she thinks that true beauty comes from the inside and that the fruits of an honest and hard-working life are seen in the skin of those who are happy and healthy.

Princess Diana

Mary Greenwell, Princess Di’s cosmetics artist, said the royal always paid special attention to her appearance first thing each day and before going to bed. Diana had a strict beauty routine: washing, toning and moisturizing her face twice a day. In addition, she did everything she could to take care of her skin, even if the options were limited compared to today.

Maria Olympia

For optimal skin health, Princess Olympia values plenty of sleep. That’s easy. She believes in Dr. Lancer & Eve Loml’s treatments to preserve her skin looking fresh and radiant for as long as possible without resorting to costly cosmetic operations. Getting enough shut-eye aids in skin healing and prevents the occurrence of any number of common skin issues.


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