Skin care with castor oil

We all are willing to have blemish free skin and long shiny hair. But, our skin needs a lot of care to be this much nourished. Here we have a life changing product, which can take care of our skin single handedly and also has the benefit of numerous products, this is castor oil.

Castor oil is a yellowish vegetable oil extracted from castor beans. These multipurpose beans, found in the tropical region of Asia and Africa, are infused withRicinoleic acid. It is made with a mixture of triglycerides, which is actually the source of ricinoleate, other components are Oleate and Linoleates. This oil has the benefit of numerous expensive products.


As it is full of Ricinoleic acid and few other important fatty acids, Castor oil has genuine benefits on skin.


Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil help to reduce the growth of pimple causing bacteria, as a result, our skin becomes acne free. As it is full of fatty acids, it enhances smoothness of the skin. It also tightens the pores of the skin to reduce the risk of blackheads.Its humectant properties absorb the moisture from the air into the skin, so that our skin always feels hydrated.


Using raw castor oil or mixed with Coconut or other mineral oils has numerous benefits. It helps in hair growth, makes your hair smooth, shiny and dandruff free. Massaging raw Castor oil also reduces any kinds of scalp itching and irritation.

How to use

There are so many ways of using Castor oil to get the benefit for skin and hair.

Mix it with other oils

First you need to wash your skin or hair properly, then mix the Castor oil with equal quantity of Coconut oil or olive oil so that its consistency becomes a bit thin which helps in easy absorption. Then apply this mixture properly and leave it for the night.

Mix it with lemon juice

First, clean your face with a good cleanser. Mix the Castor oil with an equal quantity of lemon juice and apply it with the help of a cotton ball all over your face and leave it for thirty minutes. Then remove it with fresh water.

Raw Caster oil

Raw Castor oil can be applied directly on the acne marks. Apply a certain amount of oil on the acne and leave it for the night, within one month you will see the result.

Castor oil has numerous other benefits as well. Give it a try if you love to have blemish free rejuvenated skin

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