Slay in Saree: 5 innovative ways to drape your saree to up your glam quotient

Saree is considered as a traditional outfit but a little creativity in draping can glam your look in a jiffy. What to know how? Read on.

Sometimes we never seem to find the perfect outfit for the party. So, here you are pulling your hair out in search of ‘IT’ dress. Let us suggest something? Why don’t you give that saree tucked away in your wardrobe a chance? Saree and glam? Confused? Let us help you with different ways you can drape your saree to be a Head-turner.

  1. Butterfly drape

This style of draping is popularized by Bollywood. It accentuates your figure and flaunts it. In this style, you drape your saree the usual way. Make pallu thin, and it should get narrower as it reaches your shoulder. This way it would expose your waist making you look no less than Priyanka Chopra in ‘Desi Girl’.

  1. Add a Belt

The most stylish way to add oodles of oomph in your saree is to wear a belt. Drape your saree in a regular way and then secure it with a stylish belt. If you want to hide that extra flab around the waist, go for a corset-style belt. The belt style of draping goes best with fabric like chiffon, georgette.

  1. Scarf Drape

Scarf style drape is also a chic way to wear that same old saree. The trick is to drape your pallu around your neck as you do with scarves. Wear this style of saree with a stylish blouse and experiment with your scarf knots.

  1. Saree with a pant

The most creative and comfortable style of draping is instead of a petticoat, wear your saree with your favourite pants. You don’t have to be very particular with pleats in this one and can drape your saree any way you wish. Try not to hide your pants and be the diva that you are.

5. Drape it like Mumtaz

The timeless elegant style of saree draping popularized by actress Mumtaz. If you have a chiffon saree with a border full of bling, then you are sorted. The idea is to drape your saree in a way that it resembles a layered skirt. You can check out various tutorials on social media to perfect this style.

Ladies now don’t compromise on your look. Just drape a saree, stand bold and capture everyone’s attention.

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