Published By: Urbee Sarkar

Slumber Party: Things To Keep In Mind Before Hosting A Sleepover For Your Kids

Give your kids a night of amazing fun by hosting a successful slumber party!

Growing up, some of our most favourite moments have been when we had spent the night over at our friends’. Hosting a slumber party of young adults is one thing, but it is a whole different task when you have to plan one for kids. Kids love slumber parties because it adds the thrill of spending the night outside of their home and in the presence of their friends. However, with a great slumber party, come great responsibilities. Here are a few tips and things you should keep in mind before hosting a sleepover for your kids!

Keep The Guest List Limited

Do not go overboard with the guest list for your kid’s slumber party. Our advice would be to start in small numbers. Invite just two or three of your child’s best friends. Your home is a sacred and safe space for your kid. You would not want too many people invading the privacy of your kid in the first place. Moreover, your child probably does not connect with a lot of people already. So, the smart thing would be to invite only of their friends with whom you kid truly connects and whom they trust. Keeping the guest list small will also be an advantage for you because it will be easier to manage. Kids can be a handful, you don’t need us telling you that!

Keep The Parents Of Your Guests Involved At All Points

Starting from the planning stage to the end of the night, keep the parents of the guests informed. Let them know what you are planning and how you are planning to execute the slumber party. Clearly mention the parents about the drop off and the pick up times. Take notes from the parents about their kids and if they have any specific needs. These should include food allergies as well as sleep-time routines.

Be Relaxed With The Rules But Not Too Much

It’s a party after all! You can relax the house rules a little for your tiny guests. For example, you can push the bedtime an hour or two later than the original time. However, make sure you are being responsible. Do not offer them sugary or junk food an hour before bed time. Once it’s bedtime o’ clock, make sure all the kids are in bed.