Small changes to make your home more eco-friendly

It’s time to rally together to make changes in our lives to be more environmentally conscious.

Not everyone can afford to put short carbon footprint by letting go grid power consumption and install solar panels in their home but can make small changer in their lifestyle to make their surrounding eco-friendly and give a significant something back to the mother earth. These changes are effortless and easy on the pocket, efficient and can turn your abode a

little close to nature.

Here are small changes to make your home more eco-friendly.

Wash your clothes in cold water

In case you are washing clothes in the washing machine with hot water setting, skip that practice. This way you not just save on power consumption but your clothes look vibrant as hot water can be too harsh on the fabric. Unless you have stubborn stains to take care of, choose a cold water setting to wash clothes.

Swap regular light bulbs with LED lamps 

Investing in energy-efficient home appliances is essential for sustainable leaving. LED lights last longer, consume less power and are eco-friendly.

Stop the habit of keeping the water running 

Every time you use the tap even to wash your face, do not keep the water running. The water you waste in between cleansing your face, or dishes or setting the temperature of your shower is so much that it can cater for your requirement of a few more days. Put a jug underneath your tap every time you keep the tap running. Use it to water your plants.

Make your cleaning agent

Most cleaning agents come in plastic containers that cannot be recycled, ending up in a pile of plastic waste. Also, these detergents are made from tonnes of harsh chemicals. Follow DIY videos and make detergent on your own, store them in reusable glass jars. You can also make shampoo, face wash of your own with natural agents.

Get a compost bin and plant herbs with fertilizer made of waste

With a compost bin, you can get rid of vegetable leftovers and can produce free fertilizer. These days they are odour-less and neat. This helps you reduce household waste and the fertilizer made will help you plant small plants of your choice. Herbs don’t take a lot of space, some indoor plants even help in purifying the air inside your home. These fresh herbs will be like your kitchen garden, easy to pluck and use in your dishes.

These small steps towards renovating your lifestyle will be a big step towards a sustainable living.

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