Smile Please: Movies with a happy ending you’ll absolutely love watching!

Want to end your day with some sappy and happy movies, here’s a list for you.

Don’t we all at times need to watch some happy movies to make your day better? Films have the ability to make us happy, sad, excited and even angry. The best kinds of movies, though are the ones that leave us with bright smiles at the end when the credit rolls. Whether you’re a fan of the romantic genre or love to watch some pet-themed movies, we have arranged a list of happy movies for you that you can watch at the end of a long day or at any time with your family. Read on…

  1. Home Alone – A classic film and probably one of the most favourite among all the age groups, this film makes you laugh, sad and finally incredibly happy. A little boy staying all alone on Christmas and saving his home will not only tickle your funny bones but also leave you happy in the end when there’s a reunion.
  2. Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs – Anyone a fan of animated films? This food-filled film is romantic, funny and will give you such hungry feels! While the animation is spot-on, your heart will surely be filled with warmth when the hero saves the day in the end!
  3. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory – This movie promises us a happily ever after and what’s better than having a happy ending full of chocolate? If you’re looking for a family film to enjoy with your children, then watch this and drool over the delicious chocolates while you smile from ear-to-ear when it ends.
  4. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before – There has to be a romantic feel in this movie, right? If you want to watch a sappy feel-good love-filled drama, then this is the perfect movie for you to watch after a long tiring day. If nothing else motivates you, both the actors are just too cute and dreamy to crush over!
  5. Pitch Perfect – If you love musicals, then this should be your jam. All the Pitch Perfect movies are not only feel-good but also so musical that you can’t help but keep re-watching them. The movies will fulfil your romantic desires as well as your emotional help for some warmth and happiness. Absolutely perfect to watch with your friends over the weekend!

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