Published By: Shreya Ghai

Smiling gut -4 ways you can improve your gut health to lose weight

Your overall health depends on your gut health. It is directly related to your body weight.

You gut is home for bacterial cells, out of which most of them play a vital role to keep your body in good shape and health. Your gut microbiome is made of these fungi, bacteria and viruses. It creates an ecosystem in your body and if it does not remain healthy, you may deal with health abnormalities and many other diseases. A bad gut has a negative impact on your overall health including your skin, hair and weight. Your digestive system depends upon how good your gut health is. Your gut health is the epicentre of your overall health. You gain weight because of a bad gut. Here’s how you can keep your gut healthy in order to keep your weight in control.


To improve your gut health, you must daily consume fermented food as well as probiotics. Taking probiotics will support a healthy gut microbiome and thus prevent inflammation and digestion problems, promoting weight loss. Here’s what you can include in your daily diet for an improved and healthy gut.

Fermented vegetables,pickles



Kombucha drink



Consuming fibre rich food is very essential for a good gut. Consume as much of grains, legumes, nuts and seeds that you can in order to keep your weight in control and that is only possible if your gut health is good. Include fibre rich food in your daily diet.Try including oats, beans, apples, carrots etc to keep your digestive system healthy hence speeding up weight loss.


Limit your sugar intake and fats. Avoid junk as much as possible in order to have a healthy gut. Ditch sweets and fatty food to avoid adding up to your calories if you want a healthy gut. Cutting down on your sugar, calories, alcohol, sweets and aerated drinks will boost your gut health and immunity system. Thus speeding up weight loss.Switch to natural sweeteners like dates, jaggery, honey etc.


A lack of sleep directly impacts your gut health.  A poor diet, no exercise and increased alcohol consumption leads to weight gain. Thus impacting your gut health. Try sleeping at the same time everyday to improve your sleep pattern. A good sleep can improve your mood, cognition and overall gut health thus promoting weight loss.

Now that you know your gut health is directly related to your weight loss, don't underestimate the importance of your gut health. Follow these simple steps to start improving your gut health and reducing the unwanted weight.