Published By: Sougata Dutta

Solo Trekking: Thrill and Redemption

In case of solo trekking the first question should be “Can I endure it?” Not only physically but also mentally.

It can be considered when people walk for more than a day to reach a certain point from another place, however there are circuit treks where the initial point is the finishing point too. And if a person completes the path alone it can be considered as solo trekking. There are certain things which make solo trekking different from trekking in a certain group.

Confidence: The X Factor

In case of solo trekking the first question should be “Can I endure it?” Not only physically but also mentally. There will be tremendous pressure on one's strength as there will be no one to assist with the day's work and not only that there will be no one to do a little chit chat. One has to mentally complete the trek numerous times before they actually find themselves in even more adverse situations during the actual trek.

Planning: Risks and Possibilities

One must carefully plan about the route, the geography, resources of water and food and understand the emergency measures to survive in the place they are going to be in. There are risks of losing the right path, facing bad weathers, facing health issues or natural obstacles hard to avoid for alone. This requires detailed and in-depth study of every aspect one can find about the corresponding trek.

Adventure: Physical and Mental

Solo trekking brings the absolute wildness from a human while bringing their inner strength to the full extent possible. People who love these kinds of activities often love the workloads and the stress gives them rewards for their souls. One can find themselves trembling with excitement of finding themselves alone in the middle of raw nature yet to be calm and composed.

Solitude: Both Blessing and Challenge

Solitude is the funniest thing in the case of solo trekking. It Gives utter excitement in the beginning which gradually decreases towards frustration until one stops looking for anyone else and suddenly starts talking to themself more and more. Finding themself closer to nature makes them realize that solely it was the purpose of solo trekking from the start.

Redemptions: Self Refinement

Clearly solo trekking brings the soul out of anyone and keeps it in front of them. Making themselves a mirror and allowing them to ask questions they were ignorant of asking works as the conclusions to the person.

Solo trekking has its merits and risks entangled, with proper training and education about it makes it one of the most fabulous experiences one can get.