Solution to some internet lingos.

Initially, internet lingos were introduced to reduce the time of conversation via text messaging but today we Google the lingo before replying to any text. This is either we are too old to cope up with the funky language or the next generation is much more socially sound. Here is a list of commonly used lingos along with their meanings. 

TMI- Too much information!

Use this to people who provide a whole lot of details, even when they are not asked for it.

ASAP- As soon as possible!

This is usually written in a conversation to sense urgency.

BTS- Behind the scenes!

Next time you see anybody using BTS in their posts, do not drive yourself crazy searching for the boy band.

AMA- Ask me anything!

A small piece of advice, never use this during your viva sessions or else the teachers are going to ask you anything from any portion of the syllabus, irrespective of the subject.

DIY- Do it yourself!

This is not used by us rather our parents tend to use DIY a lot. Just like when our mom sees us lying around and we ask her to prepare noodles or tea.

TBH- To be honest! 

The first chapter of moral science taught to us was about being honest and to date, we are following it. This is mainly used when you are frankly sharing anything.

TGIF- Thank God it’s Friday!

After a long week, the weekend is usually welcomed with a post and a #TGIF.

ELI5- Explain like I’m 5!

This is used when someone is giving you Sheldon like the explanation and you are Penny. Next time you do not understand what the other people are trying to say, use ELI5.

MRW- My reaction when…

This is commonly used when you share a picture of yourself reacting to anything.

FYI- For your information!

You can add it while passing on any information or letting them know of something.

OOTD- Outfit of the Day!

Dressing up and posting a picture on social media with #ootd is followed by all. So, next time you are posting a picture using this hashtag if you fail to think of a caption.

PAW- Parents are watching!

This is a solution to avoid private conversation with your friends over a call or text message while your parents are sitting right there.

YOLO- You only live once!

Live life like it’s the last day is the motive behind introducing this lingo.

Noob- Newbie!

Noob is used to define someone who has just started and is not an expert. This is mainly used in computer games.

ROFL- Roll on the floor laughing!

To express how funny you found something.

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