Published By: Sougata Dutta

Some Awesome Hacks To Make A Movie With Mobile Camera

You can follow your passion with just a smartphone..

Cinema is considered to be the most complex art form of all the forms. Because, cinema is a compact combination of language, literature, photographs, videographs, paintings, edit, music, sound, light, colour and animation altogether.

When someone gets an idea and wants to make a movie, he or she needs to come out with all these. In most cases all the departments are to be handled by different experts. But, for the beginners, especially for the low budget projects, a professional camera is something that comes out of reach for its high range of price. All other skills and experts can be arranged, but the camera becomes a big factor.

But now, so many smartphones are there with very good quality cameras which can be used easily to make a movie.

Advantages of using mobile camera:

  • Easy to carry
A smartphone or you can say 'mobile camera' is lighter in weight than a professional camera, and it is easy to carry from one place to another. It doesn't require so much space or arrangements to be carried.
  • Less expensive
Smartphones are apparently less expensive than the professional cameras. Especially in the last 2-3 years, mobile cameras have evolved and developed so much. One can easily get a quality mobile camera even with 12-13k.
  • Low risk
Being a small and light device, it is less risky to carry with.

Some key tips

Now, let’s talk about how to choose a perfect mobile camera for you and how to shoot with that.
  • Choose a perfect mobile
There are so many varieties of mobile cameras available around us. The things one needs to check while choosing a smartphone are: depth, resolution and focal length of the camera. The camera should be of at least 64 megapixel, along with at least 15 megapixel close camera and should provide at least 4k video output.
  • Learn the basics of cinematography
Even with a mobile camera, it is necessary to learn the basic grammar of photography and videography. It helps to develop the sense of frame, light, angle, motion which are the basics of cinematography. Then learn and practice different kinds of cinematographic approaches.
  • Shoot in sufficient light
Usually mobile cameras are not that much capable of capturing motion pictures in low light. Though there are so many smartphones with low light cameras, those are a little more expensive and yet not as efficient as a professional movie camera. so it's better to shoot in enough light.
  • Use a stand for stability
To shoot stable and non-jerky videos, one should use a stand to hold the mobile. Sometimes, free-hand shooting, providing some jerk, interrupts the entrance of light and the focus point of the camera, so the light, contrast and colour get disturbed. To avoid such disturbance, it is preferred to use a stand.
  • Use selfie stick for top shots
To take top shots like a professional, one can use a selfie stick easily. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of tripod cum selfie sticks, gimbels are available for mobile cameras.

So, shooting with a mobile camera is very easy and has become very popular.