Some colourful common birds which you can find around the locality

Chirping sounds and varicoloured feathers – those little hearts can be captured at your doorsteps!

Birds are everywhere. They have been one of the favourite animals of humans since the early times. People witness the beauty of their chirping sound, the joy of flying in the open sky, nest building etc. We have all heard about the exchange of letters or other valuable information with the help of pigeons in ancient times. Pigeons are a very common bird that can be seen almost everywhere. Below we will learn about some of the birds that we see around us regularly.

Zenaidamacroura: Identification is easy of their soothing voice

This bird is very familiar to us, called the mourning dove, and we see it around our yard almost every day. It is a medium-sized bird with wings covered in a relatively dark grey colour and the rest of the body grey. In flight, the friction of the air against their wings creates a peculiar sound which is also a means of recognizing them. They are somewhat shy by nature and prefer to eat a variety of grain seeds.

Picoidespubescens: Appreciable for their visit with woods regularly.

This species of woodpecker is the smallest species of bird in North America. One of the most significant ways to the identification of this species is that both males and females have white feathers on their backs and variously spotted wings. One of the characteristics of this woodpecker is that it is much smaller than the hairy woodpecker and has a stubby character. They love to regularly monitor the wood of various plants. These birds can easily nest in yards with a variety of small straws and are immediately attracted to suet feeders.

Passer domesticus: Take frequent baths in dust for dryness which is amazing to be witnessed

Don’t you get the wonder of hearing it! Yes, it’s the sweetest fact that these kinds of birds, known as house sparrows, have an attraction to take a bath in dust, mainly in dry areas. We can see these birds visiting our backyard with their smallest brown feathers. Observed in New York, in 1849 and then appeared across the continent. They like to eat a variety of grains but mostly love to have a variety of insects.

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