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Some Cool Harry Potter Spells That You Can Use On Your Smartphone

You cannot possibly cast a Patronus from your smartphone to defend yourself against You-Know-Who the Dark Lord. But did you know that your device can cast some famous spells from Harry Potter? 

If you wish to swing your smartphone and cast some spell like a magic wand, see how you can program your device to make it respond to your magical spells, and activate some cool features. Grab your smartphone and prepare yourself for some mind-boggling sorcery!

Nox and Lumos

As a Potterhead, you might have tried turning on your lights using ‘Lumos Maxima’ at least once. Sadly, it didn’t work on your electronic home appliances, but it will surely work on your smartphone. Wake up Google Assistant or Siri and say, ‘Lumos,’ your phone’s flashlight will turn on. And to turn off the flashlight, wake up your phone again and say, ‘Nox.’ Voila! You are a wizard now.


In the wizarding world, searching for something you cannot find is no problem if you are well-versed with the correct spell. Accio — the summoning charm brings any inanimate movable object to the spell caster. Sadly, in the muggle world, this spell cannot bring things to you, but it can surely help you find smartphone apps. Just say, ‘Hey Google’ or ‘Hey Siri’ and then ‘Accio,’ followed by the app name. For instance, ‘Accio Facebook’ will open Facebook on your smartphone.


The silencing charm ‘Silencio’ temporarily mutes the victim. However, if the spell goes wrong, it can cause the victim to swell up, and they would make odd noises. If you are a muggle who desires to take a break from social media and opt for a temporary digital detox, the first thing you should do is, put your phone in silent mode. But why do it manually when you can cast a spell to do it like a powerful sorcerer from the Wizarding World? Say, ‘Ok Google’ or ‘Hey Siri’ followed by ‘Silencio,’ and your phone’s notification sounds and ringer will be silenced.

You can create new charms.

You can also teach new spells to Google Assistant or Siri that they are not familiar with. For Google Assistant, teach them through its "if this, then that" programming kit, also known as ‘Routines.’ Similarly, you can teach Siri to chant unfamiliar spells from Harry Potter via ‘Shortcuts.’ This way, you can teach your phone to respond to almost any spell, to initiate a certain action in your phone. For instance, you may use ‘Avada Kedavra,’ the killing curse, to turn off your phone.

Smartphones are no less than a wizarding wand, and these smart features will prove it to you!