Some day jobs no longer exist.

There was a time when people studied to become a typist!

With the advancement of technology, many jobs are emerging. Who had heard of a social media analyst, web designer, podcaster 20 years back? Likewise, as new jobs are emerging in the job market scene, many old jobs have become redundant. There are many jobs that no longer exist or are on the verge of disappearing. So, hop on to this digital time machine and revisit some of the jobs in the past, which no longer exist.

The switchboard operators.

When the telephone was still in its infancy, telephone operators often connect calls via switchboard. The switchboard used to light up whenever a telephone call was received, and the switchboard operators would connect the lines so that a conversation could take place. As the technology advanced, people could dial and connect the calls themselves.

Video store owners.

Today’s generation who are thriving on social media and streaming the latest blockbuster on OTT platforms can never imagine the thrill of visiting a video parlour. Loads of Video cassettes of the blockbuster movie that you could rent. Oh, how we waited for our vacations so that we could enjoy those movies on our VCR.

Pinsetters in bowling alleys.

Long before the automatic set-up and pin retrieval system was invented, there were people who manually retrieved and set up the pin in the alley. They usually stood at the end on the end of the lanes and were very prompt.


Telegraphists were highly paid and revered, especially at the time of the 1st and 2nd World War. They were a vital part of decoding morse codes and bringing in important messages from the war-front and even from the sea. As we advanced and telephones became a much easier and more simple way to communicate, telegraphist faded to obscurity.

Radio actors.

Long before television monopolized our solitary and lonely evenings, radio was the prime source of entertainment. So, much so, that radiobroadcasted not only music and songs, but also dramas. For that lot of talented radio, actors narrated story with sound effects and dramatic voice modulation.


Have you ever wondered how we survived without a computer in yesteryears? The answer to that is human-computer. Believe it or not, there were people in the organization that were employed to do lengthy mathematical calculations. But this job became redundant once the computer came into vogue.

So, which job you think can make a comeback?

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