Some embarrassing things that we all do and why we do them

Let’s admit it, we all do these things on a regular basis. But now it’s time to decode why we do it?

Everybody, no matter how successful or mature they might be, face an embarrassing situation now and then. When awkward and embarrassing things happen in front of your near and dear ones, they are probably laughed off and then wiped out from memory. But doing something in public can be quite awkward and sometimes keeps you awake at night. We are not here to discuss whether it is right to ponder over trivial matters; we are here to discuss the reason behind such behaviour. Turns out science has an explanation for most of our embarrassing habit.

Lying about watching a movie or reading a book.

We are constantly lying and boasting in front of our friends and peer about watching the new “it” show or movie (for example, The Game of Thrones). Sometimes it is the important books that are intellectual, and we talk about how we breezed through them and how they must do that too. There seems no need for such hypocrisy on our part, then why do we do it? The answer science says lies in the fact that we are just silly attention seekers who wants to be seen as smart and knowledgeable.

Talking to yourself.

Now, let’s admit it, we all are guilty of this. We are talking about a great pick-up line to say in front of our crush, and someone walks in your room. Yes, we understand the cringe and humiliation mixed in the situation. You would be surprised to know that this is an extremely common thing, and we all do it. But apart from it, science stresses that this habit is actually a good thing. It helps you be more alert and focused. Children seem to do it quite often than adults.

Getting lyrics of songs wrong.

Are you often on the radar of the lyric police? Do you get called out often because you get the lyrics of the song all messed up? Now experts’ stresses that it is not your fault, we generally get what the other person is saying by their lip moments, and if the song is sung in heavy accent or many adlibs, you are bound to get lyrics wrong. So, if you are singing” we’re caught in the trout” instead of we’re caught in a trap, it’s okay.

So, what are your most embarrassing habits?