Some Enchanting Mangrove Forests Of The World

Mangroves are coastal forests found along river banks and sheltered estuaries and lagoons in the subtropics and tropics.

To begin with, mangrove forests are heaven for animals with critical habitats. It is equally important to note that the mangrove forests are a vast storing area for a massive amount of carbon and effectively prevent erosion in the coastal region. Listed below, are some enchanting mangrove forests from across the globe that will lure you to visit them.

Bahia Mangroves

The Bahia mangrove is located in Northeastern Brazil and the habitats occupy minor estuaries, bays, and several river inlets along the coast. The mangrove forest covers an aggregate area of 2,100 square kilometers including land-water area. The tree species of Bahia include the typical mangrove species of the Atlantic Ocean, Rhizophora mangle (red mangrove), Avicennia germinans (black mangrove), and Laguncularia racemosa (white mangrove). Rare mammals like golden-headed lion tamarin and maned three-toed sloth inhabit this forest. Bahia mangrove is also a popular tourist destination.

Gulf of Panama Mangroves

Located at the side of the Bay of San Miguel on the Pacific coast of Panama in Colombia, the Gulf of Panama mangroves has a total forest area of 2,330 square kilometers. The mangroves in this region host about thirty types of fish in their juvenile stages. The area is prone to heavy rainfall from January to April. The increasing river erosion has emerged as a major threat in recent years.

Sundarbans Mangrove

Sundarbans is perceived as the largest mangrove forest in the world, located at the side of river Brahmaputra, the Ganges, and Meghna River on the Bay of Bengal. The mangrove forest partly lies in India and partly in Bangladesh. The site is intersected by a complex network of mudflats, tidal waterways, and small islands with salt-tolerant mangrove forests. Sundarbans is also home to the Royal Bengal Tigers.

Belizean Coast Mangroves

Belizean Coast mangrove is situated in Guatemala and the total area is about 2,850 square kilometers. The forest is under the conservation of the World Wildlife Fund. Some endangered species like white ibis, anhinga, and neotropical cormorant inhabit this mangrove forest.

Manabi Mangroves

Located in Ecuador, at the side of the Pacific Coast, the Manabi mangrove is nearly 1,000 square kilometers in area. The mangrove is on the shore of the Muisne River and consists of mangrove trees like Rhizophora mangle, Rhizophora harrisonii, and Avicennia germinans. This mangrove forest is also on the list of endangered forests owing to intensive urbanization in the region.

Mangrove forests maintain the proper balance of the ecosystem, and it is our duty to work for preserving these enchanting forests.

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