Some enchanting trivia about Disney’s classic animation “Beauty and the Beast”.

Did you know that Disney wanted the movie’s opening to be different than the regular intro of classic fairytales?

Produced by Walt Disney Animations in the year 1991, Beauty and the Beast is an animation that stays long after the movie ends. You can watch it again and again and not feel bored. The love story is as iconic as Romeo and Juliet, and it changed the perception of prince charming and damsel in distress forever. If you ask us, this movie is a perfect way to teach your little one, beauty is only skin deep, and what lies beneath is what actually counts. So, let’s dive a little further and know some of the unknown trivia about our favourite movie of all times.

 Belle’s character is based on women of today.

If you see closely, Belle’s characterization is a bit different than other Disney princesses like Snow White and Cinderella. Belle has a mind of her own, is quite headstrong, and is not waiting for her prince charming to save her. She is quite headstrong, loves to read, and is ambitious.

And she is also a bit older than other Disney princesses.

Belle is independent and much more mature than other fairytale or Disney princesses. That is because while most of the Disney princesses are teenagers, Belle is supposed to be in her 20s. Her individualistic personality is meant to reflect her age.

She wears blue in the whole village.

Colour is very important in many of Disney’s animation as it is used to depict the character’s character. For example, most of Disney’s villain wear purple. So, if you look closely in this movie, Belle is seen wearing blue, and no one else in the village wears that colour. It is done to perhaps show that Belle was different and was not fitting in with other villagers.

Windows are symbolic in the movie.

If you notice, you keep seeing windows all through the movie. It is not coincidental; windows serve as a great metaphor for being the eyes or windows to the soul.

It is the first animation to be nominated as best picture at the Oscars.

Thanks to its groundbreaking animation, brilliant characterizations and iconic storyline, the movie was the first of all animation to be nominated as best picture at the Oscars. The only animation after Beauty and the Beast to achieve this feat is Pixar’s “Up” in the year 2010.

So, what are your favourite parts of the movie?

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