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Some Everyday Items You Probably Didn’t Know Have Names

You may say, “What’s in a name?” But names are essential.

The English language has approximately one million words, which is daunting. With a vocabulary as vast as that, we should be able to describe everything using a single word or name. Yet, there are numerous everyday things we trip over. Whether you have always been unaware of what these items are called or never knew they had a name, you will enjoy learning the names of these uncommon everyday things.


The columella refers to your nose’s bottom part that helps separate your nostrils. Instead of using wordy sentences to describe the bottom of your nose, call it columella to sound smarter during a conversation.


A ferrule refers to a metal cap or rig that joins or strengthens two things. For instance, the metal band over a pencil that keeps an eraser attached to its head is a ferrule. You can also use this word to describe the cap that sits on the end of a cane and/or the knob of an umbrella. Ferrule may sound like a made-up word, but it is real!


The empty gap you see between the lid of the bottle and the liquid inside it is called an ullage. The ullage leaves some space to prevent bottles from leaking.


If you are fond of the smell that fresh air exudes after the rain stops, you are talking about petrichor. This pleasant aroma is caused by a mix of plants, lightning, and bacteria.

Pizza Saver

We have all seen the plastic contraption placed in the middle of a pizza that somewhat looks like a three-pronged side table. Without this smart invention — which forbids the top cover of the pizza box from caving in and compromising the valuable slices lying within — pizza would not be the same.

Soufflé cups

The tiny cup that holds condiments like mustard, ketchup, and mayo is called soufflé cups. It sounds very sophisticated, and consider describing it by its name from now on.


We often joke about the illegible and awful handwriting of doctors. But did you know that their indecipherable scrawl is called griffonage? This French word means illegible or careless handwriting.


The division sign that we use in mathematics has a technical name, and it is called “obelus.” Centuries ago, this sign was primarily used by editors as an editing tool to label passages in manuscripts that were factually questionable.

Learn these words and start using them in your sentences to flaunt your vocabulary.

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