Some everyday things you didn’t know had a name

Do you know that doctor’s incomprehensible writing is known as griffonage?

We often feel very satisfied with our general vocabulary. But still, there are many words you don’t know about. I am not talking about difficult expression or names of some unknown objects. There are many everyday objects or things around us whose name we know nothing about. For example, do you what is the cardboard thing, the holder you get around your takeaway coffee mug that helps you to hold a hot coffee cup? No, it is not a cup holder; it is called a zarf.  Here is the list of the things you never knew had a name.


We all love that earthy smell of ground when the first drop of rainfall touches it. It always brings out a feeling of happiness and fulfilment. But do you know that smell has a name? It is called petrichor. It is made of greek words petra means stone, and ichor means the blood of god and goddess up above.


The spot between your shoulder blade where your hand can’t reach is called acnestis. Yes, that sweet spot that always itches, and you humbly ask your friend, parents or siblings to scratch it. Even the thought of it brings an itch in acnestis.


We all are guilty of googling our name now and then (as if we are big celebrities). But unlike celebrities, many other people also show in your Google feed. These famous or not so famous with the same name as yours are your googleganger.


The end of the pencil, especially that small thing that holds the rubber. That thing often found its way to our mouth. Do you know even it has a name? It is a ferrule. The ferrule is a tiny bracelet that protects the pencil or any other tube from splitting.


What would you call the swooshy sound new clothes, gowns, dresses, or sarees make? It is called scroop. Actually, Scroop is used particularly for the sound silk fabrics makes. But we guess that should go with other clothes sounds as well.


Funnily, this is a phobia all our leading ladies of Hindi serials are suffering from. It is the perfect term to describe the fear of your mother-in-law. Do you want to know more? Soceraphobia is fear of one’s father-in-law.

So, next time you meet up with your friends, wow them with your finer and richer vocabulary.

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