Some fascinating facts you never knew about Keanu Reeves

We all know Keanu Reeves is an outstanding actor but, he has a charm about him that goes beyond his profession. We bring to you some fascinating facts that you would love to know about this noble natured actor.

  1. A child of many nations: Reeves was born in Lebanon in 1964 of Chinese, English, Irish, Native Hawaiian, and Portuguese descent. He moved to Sydney, Australia, New York City and eventually Toronto. Do you know that Reeves never become an American citizen and holds Canadian citizenship!
  2. Reeves was nicknamed “The Wall”: Reeves didn’t do well in the academic due to dyslexia. However, he became a successful ice hockey player and was nicknamed “The Well”. His aim was to play for Canada; however, he had to give up due to an injury.
  3. Reeves almost got renamed as Chuck Spadina: When Reeves was about to enter the world of cinema, his agent suggested changing the name as his actual name didn’t sound good enough. Chuck Spadina was proposed as a good name, but he ended up entering the industry as ‘Keanu Reeves’!
  4. Reeves has a published poetry book: Keanu published a poetry book by the name ‘Ode to Happiness’ along with the artist Alexandra Grant. Each page of the book has a line of actor’s poem and Grant’s blotted ink drawing.
  5. Reeves donated most of his earnings from the movies, Matrix: Reeves earned $110,000 for his roles in the super hit movie, Matrix. He eventually gave away $80,000 to the SFX and makeup crew! Furthermore, he took a pay-cut worth millions of dollars for the movie ‘Devil’s Advocate’ so that the production team could cast Al Pacino!
  6. 1999, an awful year for the great actor: In 1999, Reeves and his girlfriend, Jennifer Symes, were expecting their child, but tragically, the child died soon after birth. To add to the misery, several months later, his girlfriend was involved in an automobile accident and died. It’s a testament to his greatness and will that he overcame this great loss and continue to shine!
  7. Reeves remains the highest-paid actor in the world: His roles in the movies The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions fetched him a total income of $156,000,000. For these movies, he received a salary of $30 million and a total income of $156 million!

You can catch him on the NY subway, which he often takes. Probably the most human thing you can see among the rich celebrities!

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