Some fascinating tips from the beauty regime of Marie Antoinette

Beauty regime of the most controversial last queen of France, Marie Antoinette.

France is known to be the beauty and fashion capital of the world. The French beauty products are the epitome of luxury and opulence. Many a time, we do wonder about the beauty regime of the most popular and most opulent “it” girls are. But if you are looking for beauty advice from the Queen of opulence and style, let us look back in history and get the style and beauty tips from the last queen of France, Marie Antoinette. Historians remarked that though she was one of the most talked-about historical figures she didn’t have any political authority in the palace. She yielded her influence with her fashion trends and glamorous beauty regime. It is followed by women to this date. Are you intrigued too? Let us find out.

Eighteenth-century France nobility was obsessed with paler and cleaner skin.

Marie Antoinette applied astringent to her cleansed face which was Eau des Charmes. Interestingly, she dabbed and covered her neck and face with a whitener which was called Eaud’Ange. Before you wonder why she needed a whitener as she already had a pale complexion. In the 18th centuryFrance, whitened face was a fashion rage and seen as a mark for nobility and wealth as it implied that you are so rich that you don’t have to work in the sun.

The night beauty regime was the most important and should not be skipped

Marie Antoinette wore gloves that were filled with sweet almond oil, rose water, and wax which kept her hands soft and supple. Her hair was of wonderous strawberry colour and she maintained the natural colour with concoctions made up of turmeric, sandalwood, saffron. Though nobility wore high wigs on formal occasions she often went without a wig for rendezvous in a more relaxed manner.

Unlike what people in those times believed, take a bath regularly for glowing and healthy skin

Marie Antoinette believed inbathing regularly and took long luxurious soaks. She used a scented bathing soap and the bath was filled with sweet almonds, linseeds, pine nuts. She even exfoliated her skin with bran-filled muslin pads.

And finally, you can never have too many clothes

The queen’s wardrobe could put even royalties around the world to shame. She had three rooms full of clothes in the palace. It is believed that her clothes came from the best of designers and she even overspent allowance.

Would you try the tips fit for the queen?

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