Some genius driving tips to improve your car’s fuel mileage

Did you know that your vehicle can burn 30% more fuel if the car is not maintained regularly?

Seeing the fuel prices hike day by day is a bit frustrating for a car owner. So, that’s why one of the major concerns of all car owners while buying a car is how fuel-efficient is it? But what we need to understand is that more than the car, it is your driving and maintenance that makes your vehicle fuel-efficient. Extracting more mileage out of fuel needs a bit more attention and some simple yet efficient driving methods.

Try avoiding acceleration too quickly

We all have fantasies of driving at top speed on the open road (thanks to the vivid imagination of all the speed movies we watched through the years). But experts advise against it for the simple reason that it burns out fuel quite quickly. The top speed that everyone loves just wastes the fuel and that is why it is advisable to speed up your car a bit slowly. Car giant Toyota recommends a 5-second acceleration to 15 miles an hour from one stop. If you still find it difficult to follow then imagine an egg under your accelerator, you have to squeeze it and avoid smashing it!

Avoid applying brake abruptly at all cost

Why do people do that? There are many reasons like talking on the phone (highly unadvisable), letting your mind wander, and of course, driving too close to the car ahead of you can lead to abrupt braking. We understand sometimes you can’t help but jam on the brake pedal at some unavoidable circumstances with no fault of yours but being mindful and maintaining a reasonable distance away from other vehicles would definitely help.

Check your tires regularly

We often ignore the condition of our tires unless we have to change them. But checking and maintaining the required air pressure and performing regular maintenance does wonder to the fuel consumption of your car.

Switch off your engine when the car is not moving

It is a no-brainer that the best way to way to save fuel is to switch off your car engine when it is not in use. When you are standing in traffic signals or waiting for your friend to return for a quick purchase from the store, just switch off your car engine.

So, drive efficiently, save fuel which is not only good for your pocket but for your environment too.