Some hilarious nicknames of history’s most famous authors

Nicknames are fond names that we do not give to the people we dislike.

Apart from us common folks, most famous people, whether they are actors, politicians, or singers, have nicknames. These nicknames can be taken with a pinch of salt, but you cannot question their importance. Often, they are given out of a habit or are meant to be an insult. Even most famous authors were not spared of these nicknames. So, fasten your seat belts and hop on to the journey of discovering your favourite author fascinating nickname.

John Milton

The author of “Paradise Lost” was known for his angelic beauty and beautiful luscious locks when he was a student in Christ’s College, Cambridge. He was bestowed with such fair and delicate features that peers started calling him Lady of the Christ’s College.

James Baldwin

James Baldwin famous American novelist, poet, and essayistwas often bullied by his fellow students in the school due to his appearance. Kids can sometimes be really cruel with their bullying, and they called him names like froggy and Popeyes. But that didn’t deter him from indulging the greatest solace of his life, which was writing.

Chinua Achebe

The things fall apart writer was a certified bookworm in his younger years. His friends would often find his nose deep in a book. This led to them calling Achebe “Dictionary”. He went on to write award-winning books that were translated into many languages. He was also called” Prof” by his peers and friends, which is short for Professor.

William Faulkner

William Faulkner served in the First World War in Royal Air Force, but before his training got over, the conflict died down, and he couldn’t do much. But when he returned to the United States, he would roam around the town in the uniform and never missed a chance to give an account of his adventure (or lack of it). Soon, the local started calling him “Count no account”, which further shortened to “Count no ‘Count”.

Lewis Carroll

Lewis Carroll suffered from stuttering and often stammered when he pronounced his surname Dodgson. He would often go “Do-do-dogson”, so people started calling him Dodo. But instead of being heartbroken, he proudly embraced the name and even used it in “Alice in Wonderland”.


Famed Greek scholar’s real name was Aristocles. But he adopted the nickname “Plato” based on his physique,which was “Platon” or broad in Greek.

So, what is the story behind your nickname?

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