Some Home Remedies to Get Rid of Pigmentation

Say Goodbye to Age Spots and Dark Patches with a Few Simple Natural Remedies

Many people use different medicines and creams to get rid of pigmentation problems. But you should think that It may have significant possible side effects. Other problems can arise due to the chemicals in these treatments. Let’s find out a few more ways to get the same results with minimum or zero side effects.

Use Water with Apple Cider Vinegar: Leave for three minutes.

Do you know? Acetic acid can remove pigmentation forever! For containing acetic acid, apples can lighten the age spots or liver spots on your face. Mix this potion with equal amounts of water and apply it to the dark patches of the skin twice a day. Wash off after three minutes using lukewarm water. Follow this method for fifteen days; you will get benefits for sure.

Use Fresh Aloe vera Gel: Rub It on Skin Regularly.

It has been proved thataloe vera gel contains lignin, aloin, salicylic acid and amino acids which are very effective for depigmentation. These ingredients also can cure many other complex skin problems. Research shows that if one applies fresh aloe vera gel on the skin’s age spots and dark patches every night before going to sleep, they can disappear soon. So store fresh aloe vera in your house. If necessary, grow an aloe vera plant at home.

Various Tea Extracts can be Effective in This Case: Green Tea or Black Tea Can Be a Better Choice.

Almost everyone has green tea or black tea leaves at home. Did you know that studies have shown that green tea and black tea extracts are effective in treating hyperpigmentation? Get some hot water and steep the green tea bag in it and then keep it aside to cool it down. When it becomes cool, rub it over the dark spots on your skin. Boil a spoonful of black tea in hot water and soak a cotton ball in that water and apply it to your face. Do this twice a day; surely, the spots will disappear easily.

Red Onion Juice is Useful for Pigmentation: Just Crash and Rub

Allium Cepa or red onion extract can cure many complex skin diseases. Research suggests that red onions contain high levels of antioxidants in addition to vitamin C. which is essential for depigmentation. Grind red onion and apply its extract to dark spots daily. Crushed onion inside an empty tea bag can be rubbed on the spot. After doing this for ten minutes, wash the face with warm water.

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