Some Important Canning Steps Which keep Your Food Fresh

Keep Food Usable For a Long Time

There is no alternative to healthy and fresh food for healthy living. But many times we unknowingly eat foods that have just been affected by bacteria or other harmful enzymes. There are also many who do not know the correct method and process of preserving food. So let’s take a look at some canning processes step by step, by which you can easily keep your food fresh and edible for a long time without any hesitation.

Step 1, Clean The Canner, Jars And Other Containers : The first items you can use for canning are pressure canisters or boiling water baths and some airtight containers for storing food. First, the pressure canners need to be filled with boiling water and some more hot water added to make it more water consuming. Then the jars should be thoroughly checked for any breakage and the selected jars should be thoroughly washed.

Step 2, Prepare The Jars And Prepare The Food For Preservation : Jars must be sterilized to contain food and must be kept in a boiling water bath for about ten minutes. Then the food products should be washed separately from the boiling water and washed in such a way that all the dirt, dust is removed from its surface and the water becomes clear.

Step 3, Pack The Food And Close The Jars Authentically : After storing fruits and vegetables into the jars, a reasonable amount of liquid should be placed just below the headspace of the jar so that the food provides better colour and flavour. The jars must then be closed in the proper manner according to the rules, and a vessel that looks like a knife should be run along the mouth of the jar to prevent bubbles, and the place should be wiped with a clean cotton cloth and covered properly with a screw band.

Step 4, Boiling Water Bath Processing And Testing : First the canners should be half-filled with hot water. Then carefully place the jars between the cans with the help of the jar lifter. After placing all of them, you have to set a timer and turn on the heat maker. If the water stops boiling in any way, then you have to start the procedure again from the beginning with the same timer. At the end of the procedure the jars need to be cooled for about 24 hours. After it has cooled completely, it should be tested to see if the seal of any jar is weak. If there is, it should be transferred to the fridge and the food should be finished within 3 to 4 days.

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