Some Impressive Inventions of Elon Musk – The awesome Tech Billionaire of our times

We take a look at the some of the brilliant inventions that make Musk a superhero of our times.

Addressed as the real-life Iron man, Elon Musk is a technology wizard and a handsome billionaire who owns several businesses and is known for his futuristic inventions. At a relatively young age of forty-nine, Musk is already one of the richest men on the planet. His creations look like straight out of science fiction. While we usher to the new age of technology, Elon Musk could be the man leading us in the modern era. We take a look at some of the most amazing inventions by his companies in recent years.

Electric Car by Tesla

Musk launched his ambitious project of bringing electric cars in the mainstream auto sector through his company Tesla. The superior technology and envious designs of electric vehicles are justifiably a little expensive than the average car. Still, it doesn’t dissuade the buyer from opting for this swanky eco-friendly vehicle which is not dependent on fossil fuel. Musk’s dedication towards preservation of the environment by cutting out on pollution has been received well by the users, and this company has seen incredible growth in its car sales and has become a household name worldwide.

Space X

The best part about this aerospace company is that it makes the reusable Falcon rocket to launch satellites into the outer space. Falcon is an unprecedented technology which saves on budget and effort to rebuild rockets for every trip to space. In this way, one rocket could be sent to space to transport supplies to ISS more than one time. And that is not all, SpaceX is also working towards powering the spacecraft for the astronauts to travel back and forth from International Space Station. better known as PayPal

It is one of the most popular ways for secure online shopping and has become our trusted shopping companion. The original name of PayPal was Elon Musk developed it in 1999. Back then, the company dealt with financial services and online payments through email. By 2000, got merged with Confinity and rebranded itself as PayPal. By the time of its acquisition in the year 2002 by eBay, it was bought at a whopping amount of 1.5 billion dollars from Musk himself.


This one is another ambitious project of Musk which he launched in 2013. Hyperloop is a transportation system which aims to bridge the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco drastically. His company is working on developing travel pods travelling inside a semi- vacuum tube which will allow the commuters to travel between LA and San Francisco in an estimated thirty-five minutes which happens to be four times faster than the commercial airlines.

With so many brilliant ideas and technological innovations, Musk is one of the smartest minds of our generations!