Some incredible facts about Iron Man

Do you know that the character of Tony Stark is based on a real person? Know about this and more about Tony Stark and his popular alter ego, Iron Man.

Iron Man has risen above the stature of a superhero. He is now so much more than that. You can also attribute it to Robert Downey Jr’s stellar performance but somewhere, Iron Man being not a conventional superhero has also added to its popularity. If you think about it, Iron Man is not a result of a failed experiment or any mutated genes. He is result of unlimited imagination, which comes from the heart and, of course, head.

The character of Tony Stark is based on a real-life personality

Stan Lee based the character of Tony Stark on Howard Hughes, apparently. Howard Hughes was a billionaire and an avid aviator in the early 20th century.  Like in the Iron Man series, Hughes also was known for his luxurious lifestyle and indulged in various things such as engineering, directing, flying planes and whatnot. But whatever he had, any hidden iron suit in his closet, we will never know.

Robert Downey Jr has immortalized the character on the silver screen ten times

Yes, you heard it right; starting from the first Iron Man installment in the year 2008, Robert Downey Jr has appeared as Iron Man ten times. Did you know that the first Iron Man went on to make 600 million dollars? Iron Man is also the fictional character who enjoyed maximum screen time, even outshining other Marvel characters such as Thor and Captain America.

The suit of Iron Man could be a reality

If you have a few million dollars to spare, then you could make your own Iron Man suit in theory. Yes, you can get your Iron Man suit in your local store, but we are talking about the real deal here. Adam Savage from the MythBusters remarked that he is working on one such suit now; his Iron Man suit is bulletproof, can fly and is made up of titanium.

Tony Stark is a prodigy

Forget Sheldon Cooper; Tony Stark is the real deal. In his backstory, we come to know that he went to MIT at the mere age of 15. He took over the Stark Industries when he was just 21. His incredible brain and intelligence are the reason why he is a successful superhero minus any superpowers.

Which one of the facts surprised you the most?

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