Some interesting and fun holidays from around the world

Do you fancy a day celebrating Tom Hanks or walking around throwing tomatoes? Here are a few interesting and unusual holidays from all around the world.

Are you bored with your usual holidays all around the year? The same monotonous year-end celebration, bursting crackers on Diwali (well, environmentalist have even raised objections to that). The apex of fun in our holiday calendar seems to be Holi. But don’t worry, there are many interesting and unusual holidays that can spice up your holiday spirit. Here are some of them.

National day for all you sleepyheads  

Yes, there is a day dedicated in Finland to people who love sleeping more than anything. On July 27th, if you are the unlucky soul to wake up last in your house, you would be greeted with a bucket full of water in your face. Isn’t it fun? Wait, it gets even better. The Finnish city of Naantali selects a “celebrity sleepyhead” and then goes and throw him or her to the sea.

Love Tom Hanks? Here is how you can celebrate him.

Tom Hanks, the legend, the icon is celebrated on Saturday closest to April 1st. Initially, all avid Tom Hanks fans in Western Michigan University started it in the early 2000s. They would watch their favourite Tom Hanks’s movie all day long with some Dr Pepper (remember? Forrest Gump?). Tom Hanks eventually got an air of this and sent some memorabilia to these students. When those memorabilia got auctioned and donated to Tom Hanks charitable organization, this day became legit.

La Tomatina

Popularized by “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”, La Tomatina is one of the fun and cool festival. It is held in the town of Bunol in the east of Spain. There is an interesting story behind its creation. In 1945, during a parade where participants were wearing the big head masks of important personalities, one participant fell. This was followed by quarrel and fight between vendors on the sides of the streets. They started throwing tomatoes, and soon, many people joined in. It happened again next year in a planned way, and a fun holiday was born.

A feast for monkeys?

On the last Sunday of November, the Island of Lopburi treats the local monkeys with a feast that would make one burn in envy. This monkey buffet consists of lots of fruits, pineapple and other sweet treats to honour them as they bring good luck to the island and its people.

So, which one of the festivals you would want to celebrate?

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