Some interesting facts about Dinosaurs that you might not know

So, check out some of the informative facts about dinosaurs.

Can you ever imagine the time when a hundred feet giant creatures used to rule the earth and the sky? It’s hard to believe but it’s true and till now so many facts are getting revealed every day and what we know about them is constantly changing. But what is constant is that they were one of the most interesting animals to have ever lived. Their claws were as tall as three feet and this 100 feet long animal’s weight is equivalent to the weight of 17 elephants. The longest egg of the dinosaur ever found was 2 feet long and it belonged to the Macroelongatoolithus genus.

They ruled for over 150 million years

Everyone may feel that dinosaurs went extinct in the blink of an eye. But the data is revealing something different. Whereas human civilization started around ten thousand years ago which means modern human beings have existed only for a few hundred thousand years, dinosaurs managed to survive more than 150 million years which makes them the most successful animals ever to colonize the earth.

The entire dinosaur kingdom was divided into two main branches

You may think that the most logical way to divide dinosaurs would be to categorize them into herbivores and carnivores. But paleontologists have different opinions regarding this. They prefer to distinguish them into saurischian (lizard-hipped) and ornithischian (bird-hipped). Saurischian dinosaurs include both herbivores and carnivores but ornithischians are predominantly plant-eating dinosaurs. Hard to believe that birds have evolved from lizard-hipped dinosaurs rather than bird-hipped dinosaurs.

All dinosaurs did not disappear at the same time

When the Yucatán Peninsula was impacted around 65 million years ago, the result was not only a huge fireball that destroyed all the species, along with pterosaurs and marine reptiles at the same time. Instead, the process of extinction continued for hundreds and thousands of years and the responsible factors include plunging global temperatures and lack of sunlight which caused a shortage of vegetation. Overall the food chain from the bottom to the top was tremendously hampered. Still, some of the isolated populations managed to survive longer than other species, it’s a confirmed fact that they are not alive anymore.

Undoubtedly, we know so many facts about these Mesozoic animals, but still, there are endless things to know about them.


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