Some interesting home decor ideas we can take from the movies.

We all love movies from their stories, their stars, and their music. But at times we can get other inspirations too from the movies, home décor is one such thing. We bring to you some famous Bollywood movies and their home décor tips which you can try out.

A combination of decals and origami on some walls

We all loved the movie, Wake Up Sid for its lovable cast, great script, and brilliant acting. But if we look closely at the home décor theme, it made the home peppy and lively. Although the movie was set in a studio apartment, you can get the inspiration and choose one wall of your room to paint in unique peppy colour. Further, you can use complimentary cool decals to lift the overall look and fun quotient of the room. If you know how to make origami, you can make some cute ones and paste them on the walls to create that magical effect. Instantly lift up the vibe by adding some photo frames with your memorable picture.

Hanging lights and glass windows

This inspiration comes from the movie Dear Zindagi. You can achieve a very niche look for your room by choosing some antique or contemporary themed hanging lights for your room. This adds a lot of character to the room and makes for an elegant interior. You can even go with a combination of traditional and modern with toned-down wall paint to achieve that rustic and fresh look. You can get some nice upholstery for your glass windows with a cozy sitting area where. You can enjoy a cup of coffee in the evening.

Sheer Curtain look

We all loved Salaam Namaste! The idea of sheer curtains works great, especially in the summer months. If there is too much sunshine, you can go for slightly opaque ones to achieve that cooling and comforting ambience. Nude and pastel shades work well with sheer curtains as they bring a very personal touch to the home décor. You can complement this theme with great vases and fresh flowers that you can source daily.


If you follow minimalism, you can go all white with some elements of colour through photographs or cushionsas we saw in the famous movie, The Devil Wears Prada. To get a great blend, you can complementit with handmade rugs and straw curtains as we saw in the movie, Eat Pray Love.

Inspirations are all around and if we keep our eyes open, we can find great ideas that suit our sensibilities.

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