Some Interesting Ways to Decorate Lightbulbs

Ordinary Bulbs Can Increase The Beauty of Your House

Yes, a very simple electronic item like a light bulb can give a unique look to your home. Neighbours and relatives can appreciate the beauty of your home and your creative sense just for the beautiful decoration of some light bulbs. Let’s find out about some such unique decoration methods.

Try Something Innovative: Beautify a Wall with Decorated light bulbs.

Have you ever thought that a small light bulb is shaped like the back side of the body of a spider or a red bug? Yes, very much so. You can take some small red bulbs and design them in the shape of a spider or a bug. Then stick them to the wall after making an insect’s leg on it. When the spider or insect-shaped bulbs light up, your wall will get a unique look. You can also use another technique to make children happy. Carefully insert a bulb from your house into a balloon. You will see that when they are lit, the light looks much better than before.

Make Oil Lamps from Waste Light Bulbs: Get Ready for Festivals

The tradition of lighting oil lamps or candles during Diwali is very common in India. If you want to try something innovative instead of lamps or candles, you can easily make oil lamps with bulbs. First, take a useless bulb and carefully break the insulator behind it and take out the whole thing from inside. Then make a hole into a metal cold drinks cap and stick it with glue in the backside of the bulb. Now, the amount of flammable oil should be entered inside the bulb through that hole. Then insert a cotton stick soaked in oil into it and set it on fire near the mouth. A stand is needed to keep the oil lamp upright.

Create an Air Balloon Shape with Bulb: Use It to Decorate Your Drawing Room

A bulb looks like a small air balloon when held upside down. With a bulb, it is really possible to make multi-coloured air balloons that can be hung from the ceiling of your drawing room. First, take a bulb and break its insulator and take out everything from inside. Then wrap the bulb with a small colourful balloon. Wrap the rope around the open side of the bulb. Hang a cap from it just like an air balloon has a place for people to stand. Now you can do some crafting on the balloon with colours. After making many of these, hang them from the ceiling by fitting a rope.

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